Firefox 4, A Day Later

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Mar 25, 2011, 3:57:26 AM3/25/11
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| Firefox 4, A Day Later
|   from the foxy-lady dept.
|   posted by CmdrTaco on Wednesday March 23, @11:37 (Firefox)

Yesterday we noted that [0]Firefox 4 is out in the wild. Since then, the
popular browser has been [1]downloaded 6 million times, double the
numbers reported for MSIE9. Now the development team is talking about a
[2]new development process and [3]what to expect for FF 5 and 6. And
unsurprisingly, naysayers proclaim that [4]IE will survive, while Firefox
will die.

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| Why Paywalls Are Good, But NYT's Is Flawed
|   from the i-like-sex-and-money dept.
|   posted by CmdrTaco on Wednesday March 23, @12:21 (The Media)

[0]GMGruman writes "The New York Times has taken a lot of heat for daring
to start charging for its product. (What nerve! Imagine if grocery
stores, phone companies, or even employees began charging for their
wares!) But the problem, InfoWorld columnist Galen Gruman argues, is that
[1]its paywall is poorly designed. It encourages unpaid usage in massive
quantities via Twitter and other feeds, undermining its very purpose, and
it makes multiple-device mobile users — the growing population — pay more
than anyone else. Both should be fixed. But the [1]more troubling
underlying issue is that the Internet has devalued content nearly to the
point where the business reason to create it is disappearing. In mobile,
there's a chance to fix that, but in the way is not just the Web's
free-loader mentality but the pricing of carriers for data transport that
take a larger chunk out of people's budgets than they should, making it
that much harder for people to pony up for the value of the content they
get through those carriers' pipes."

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