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Subject: [smc-discuss] Free Software ( sharing knowledge ) is in human
nature - an example
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The above is a link to a bug fix sent to GNOME, the popular free
software desktop. It shows why free software works, and why people
work on it.

an excerpt from the above link :

"I would like to extend my thanks to the gnome team/community for a great last
moment with my dad.

Adrian Hands (my father) wrote the patch above to improve the usability of
gnome for himself and others. You see my dad was suffering from ALS and his
hands were so crippled he could no longer use a keyboard. Thus we used a Darci
usb morse code keyboard emulator to help him type. Even the morse code device
was a struggle as the sensitivity adjustment and positioning of the nice two
paddled key would fall out of whack. I rigged up a pvc cage that wrapped around
his knee and fixed remote switches to the cage so that he could use the
remaining strength in his legs to operate the Darci morse code device. He used
this last bit of body movement to write this patch."

I am a programmer, and I use free software to earn a living. I do not
know how people who do other things for a living will feel about this,
but I feel deeply honored to use software created by a community in
which people with so much passion contribute so selflessly.

I think it shows why the idea of free software works, and will keep on
working. Its in human nature.



NotAQuote - Carmack _and_ Zawinski says sharing code is badass. I agree.
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