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Praveen A

Dec 23, 2010, 6:28:53 AM12/23/10
Chamba project is an ambitious effort to create a Swathanthra
(Free/Libre/Open) Animation Movie by pooling in contributions from
people around the world and funding artists directly.

It is an initiative to experiment and explore a more collaborative
and open approach to film making, aiming to be appealing, easy to be
a part of and easy to contribute for hobbyists, enthusiasts and
professionals alike using FOSS tools, resources, and the power of
social networking.

The larger theme of this project is to encourage everyone to take
initiative and build things of value collaboratively. It is not just
about creating a movie, but about giving everyone a different idea of
what it means to be creators rather than consumers. With the digital
technology advancments, the means of creation has been made available
to a much larger number of people than ever before in history. But
most us does not realise this potential we have and this project is an
attempt to remind people how we can create many things
collaboratively, which would not have been possible for generations
that have come before us.

We have got pretty good response from many and we are moving along
pretty nicely. We have a goot creative team - who know how to make a
movie or worked on these kind of projects in the past. See for a
list of our creative team members.

We have decided on a story, see to
learn how we did it.

We are looking for involvement from everyone, especially to promote
the project as well as the larger theme of Free Culture. If you are a
student talk to your friends about this project, organise a free/open
movie festivel in your college, we are already planning one in NIT
Calicut, we need more of them.

We are printing some t shirts to promote the project as well as raise
some funds for the project. If you would like to get one t shirt add
youe name at

We will be having chamba focus track at fossmeet and planning to get
all chamba artist in NIT campus. Looking forward to active
participation from everyone. We should think about a session on chamba
project and its potential to reach out to many people, wake them up to
their potential and bring them together to bring up a participatory

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