Release of Umple 1.27.1

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Timothy Lethbridge

Apr 6, 2018, 11:43:51 AM4/6/18
to Umple Model Oriented Programming Technology, Umple Development Discussions

A new release of Umple is now available on
* Github
* Docker

The Eclipse plugin will be updated over the next several days.

Release notes for Umple release 1.27.1

This release includes all updates to Umple From early January 2018 to
early April 2018, including:

Automatic minimizing of Javascript e.g. issue #949

Fixes to the user manual e.g. issue/prs #674 #1206 #1218 $1251

Improvements to Umpleonline e.g. issues #420 #412 #1208

An issues related to custom vs generated injection of code, e.g. issue/pr
#1002, #1234

Numerous other bug fixes, including fixes relating to specialization and
problems with error messages

The umple-n.n.n-rrrr-hhhhhhhh,jar is the command line compiler
When you do a build a symbolic link is made on linux and mac calling this
umple.jar in the dist directory. The hhhhhhhh is the git commit, and the
rrrr is an incrementing count of the numer of commits to master.

For the latest Eclipse Plugin see
(usually released a day or two after each main release)

When you build Umple, you will also generate other jars including
umpledocs, to create the user manual; umplerun, a special tool for
simulation, umplesync, an an extended compiler used by Umpleonline.

For details on how to install see

See also for pre-built UmpleOnline environments
you can run locally (Click on the Tags tab to see the available releases)

The next release would be expected in May, likely 1.28.0.

Timothy C. Lethbridge, PhD, P.Eng., I.S.P., CSDP
Professor of Software Engineering and Computer Science
/ Professeur Titulaire de génie logiciel et d'informatique
Faculté de genie / Faculty of Engineering
University of Ottawa / Université d'Ottawa
Tel: 613-562-5800x6685 Fax: 613-562-5664 Mobile: 613-252-1850
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