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Timothy Lethbridge

Jan 26, 2012, 4:14:59 PM1/26/12
to Umple Model Oriented Programming Technology
To Umple users,

A set of important improvements have been made to UmpleOnline. You can
test it out at http://try.umple.org

1. The line of Umple code is now displayed at the top of the textual pane.
The user can jump to any particular line by editing this line number.

2. Error messages now appear when the programmer makes semantic errors and
generates code. Each of these contains a link to the user manual giving
more explanation, and link that allows the user to highlight the line of
code in question.

3. A longstanding problem with the graphical appearance of icons in
UmpleOnline in Internet Explorer has been fixed (it has always worked in
Firefox, Safari and Chrome).

Taken together, these should help both the teaching of Umple (and teaching
of UML using Umple) as well as programming in Umple. Note that serious
programmers would want to use the Eclipse plugin.

Umple development continues at an accelerated pace: We have students from
the University of Waterloo, the University of Saskatchewan, Simon Fraser
University as well as our own UOttawa students actively working on various
aspects of Umple. Lots of small issues with the compiler have been fixed
ort are in the process of being fixed.

As users of Umple, please report any suggestions for improvement at

Timothy C. Lethbridge, PhD, P.Eng., I.S.P., CSDP
Professor of Software Engineering and Computer Science
/ Professeur Titulaire de gï¿œnie logiciel et d'informatique
Facultᅵ de genie / Faculty of Engineering
University of Ottawa / Universitᅵ d'Ottawa
Tel: 613-562-5800x6685 Fax: 613-562-5664 Mobile: 613-252-1850

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