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Timothy Lethbridge

May 16, 2014, 1:58:35 PM5/16/14
to Umple Model Oriented Programming Technology

We created a minor release of Umple to fix some important bugs, most
notably problems with the Eclipse Plugin.

You can obtain this on github

or SourceForge

Release notes for Umple release

This contains all updates to May 16, 2014. The following are the key

* The Eclipse Plugin is now working on all platforms. The 1.20.0 release
had an issue relating to 32-bit vs 64 bit.

* Fixed bugs related to development of Umple itself under Windows (tests
were failing).

* History and deep history in state machines.

* Improvements to the ECore generator

* Customizations for code generation - the ability to specify suboptions
make a generator give different output than the default. This has been
used in the GraphViz generators to allow exclusion or inclusion of
methods, attributes and state machine actions. UmpleOnline has been
enhanced with options to handle this.

* Better resizing of panes in UmpleOnline

* Various improvements to parsing and syntactic analysis such as improved

* Improvements to traits.

* Improvements to tracing.

* Improvements to testing of queued and pooled state machines; there had
been nondeterministic tests.

* User manual examples refactored so they are in a subdirectory of

* Various other fixes and improvements

See for details of recent changes

The Jars are as follows:

The umple_n.n.n.n.jar is the command line compiler.

The cruise.umple.eclipse_n.n.n.n jar is the Eclipse plugin. Drop this in
your plugins folder in the Modeling Languages version of Kepler Eclipse.

For jars for the following components. please see the 1.20.0 release.

The umplevalidator_n.n.n.n.jar takes an umple file as an argument, parses
it and points out errors in any embedded java
The umplificator_n.n.n.n.jar takes a java file as input and converts it to
Umple (to obtain that 38MB jar, please clone and look in the releases
For details on how to install see

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