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Timothy Lethbridge

Sep 23, 2013, 10:12:50 AM9/23/13
to Umple Model Oriented Programming Technology, Umple Development Discussions
To all subscribers to the Umple users list:

A new official release of Umple has been made. The various mirrors of it
are listed at

The new release contains:

* Improvements to Real time C++.

* Metrics generation and code analysis from an Umple Model.

* Many small improvements to code generation.

* Improvements to syntax and messages to prevent programmer/modeller

* Language-specific code blocks.

* Improvements to trace generation.

A full list of recently closed issues can be found at

Note that a live mirror of Umple is now maintained on github. This release
can be found at
and the source can be browsed at as well as
at Google Code. We plan to maintain mirroring to Github and to make it the
main place to download Jars once Google Code stops supporting new
downloads in 2014.

We have a long range plan to apply to be a member of the Eclipse
foundation. We would intend to maintain mirrors at Github and Google code,

What's ahead?

We have about 12 active developers, including 6 undergraduate students
from many Canadian universities, as part of the UCOSP program, and a
similar number of PhD and masters students.

Current major projects include:
- Upgrading real-time support to include Composite Structure Diagrams
and Autosar support, with C++ code generation for this.
- Finishing off our work on the Model-Oriented Tracing Language
extension to Umple (the trace and tracer directives)
- Finishing off The Umplificator tool
- Supporting more capabilities for separation of concerns including
traits, variants and better aspect-oriented capabilities.
- Generating formal method code from Umple
- Upgrading the ability to generate user interface code (UIGU2)
- Better metrics and code analysis
- Better support for constraints, including the ability to use Umple for
domain analysis incorporating logical constraints and import/export from
- Import/export from XMI and other external formats
- Umpleonline support of the DropBox API to allow secure management of
models online.
- Support for additional patterns.
- Additional examples of UML

Timothy C. Lethbridge, PhD, P.Eng., I.S.P., CSDP
Professor of Software Engineering and Computer Science
/ Professeur Titulaire de gï¿œnie logiciel et d'informatique
Facultᅵ de genie / Faculty of Engineering
University of Ottawa / Universitᅵ d'Ottawa
Tel: 613-562-5800x6685 Fax: 613-562-5664 Mobile: 613-252-1850
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