Times when we should be cautious about merging PRs in Umple

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Timothy Lethbridge

Feb 14, 2018, 12:40:59 PM2/14/18
to Umple Development Discussions

UmpleOnline usage continues to come in waves where it rises to thousands
of transactions an hour, and then drops off to less than 100. This is
caused mostly by universities with assignments due. The baseline load when
nobody has an assignment due is about 80 per hour, and just before
deadlines it can hit 10,000/h (that might be 100 students each doing 100
transactions such as diagram or text edits, diagram generations, code
generations and so on).

UmpleOnline seems to be able to handle this load now. It hasn't crashed or
notably slowed in weeks. The capacity I think is about 15,000 transactions
an hour before it will affect users with notable slowdowns.

However, during peak load periods I don't want to be merging any PRs that
can suddenly change behaviour! I am aware of the following upcoming
periods when load should be high (due to conversations with users). So
even if a PR is ready to merge in these times, it will likely be left
until afterwards. Please try to time your PRs before these periods. For
each date, please also avoid the day or two before. Students tend to ramp
up and sustain high load for 2-3 day periods, ending suddenly as the
deadline passes!

Feb 20, 21
Mar 2, 23, 29
Apr 8, 11


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