[Umple Dev] Local UmpleOnline server is inconsistent with local umple.jar

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Bowei Yuan

Feb 5, 2018, 7:59:24 AM2/5/18
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Hi Umple-Dev,

I have been working on issue#988 (https://github.com/umple/umple/issues/988) in the past week. While testing my changes to code generation template in association_GetOne_relatedSpecialization template, I found that after a full build of umple and packaging UmpleOnline, my local UmpleOnline server does not generate Java code as expected, however, the code generated by using umple.jar in the command line is correct. Has anyone encountered the same problem or is there any way to check which jar is being used by the local UmpleOnline server? Thanks!


Timothy Lethbridge

Feb 5, 2018, 8:18:09 AM2/5/18
to umpl...@googlegroups.com
Good question

The umpleonline server on your local machine uses umplesync.jar in the
umpleonline/scripts directory. But this does not happen after a full build

The new umplesync jar has to be copied to the umpleonline/scripts
directory by the following command

ant -DshouldPackageUmpleOnline=true -Dmyenv=local -f build.umple.xml packageUmpleonline

additionally the previous server has to be stopped using, in the
umpleonline/scripts directory:

php UmpleServerTest.php server -quit

There is a script in the dev-tools directory called 'pumple' that does
this: pumple

One more point: There can be permission problems that cause the command
php UmpleServerTest.php server -quit to be ignored. This sometimes happens
if you try to access that script before you have ever used UmpleOnline
itself (it has to do with the fact that UmpleOnline writes files and runs
the server using the 'www' userid, as opposed to your own userid). In such
circumstances, identify the running server process id 'ps aux | grep java'
and kill it.


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