Updates to en.error may impact work in progress

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Timothy Lethbridge

Feb 6, 2018, 12:33:34 PM2/6/18
to Umple Development Discussions

A PR was merged yesterday that updated every line in en.error.

If you are doing any work and have changed en.error your changes won't be

I recommend
1) doing a git diff to see what you changed in en.error and recording
that (e.g. what error message you added or change)
2) cancelling your changes by git checkout en.error
3) git pull to bring in the latest
4) reapplying the changes from step 1 (but note that all URLs now point to

Over the next 24h I am going to update a lot of man pages. I already
updated many recently. For future man pages, try to keep all code samples
at 40 characters per line, in order to ensure they still are readable on
mobile devices without scrolling.


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