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Aug 7, 2008, 4:56:31 PM8/7/08
to ullright developers
it seams, that in plugins the i18n settings (including XLIFF files)
are not rendered.

it's a good idea to use app-wide i18n settings in pllugins? it's not
the better decision to use in each plugin own i18n settings?

regards, denny

Klemens Ullmann

Aug 8, 2008, 3:00:09 PM8/8/08
to ullrig...@googlegroups.com
i18n across plugins/modules is a bit tricky...

my current workaround looks like this:

every plugin has it's own xliff message foreach module.
example: plugins/ullCorePlugin/modules/ullTableTool/i18n/messages.de.xml
in this message file, there are all interface translations which are
unique to the corresponding module.

furthermore, there is a global xliff message file containing common
strings, which are used throughout the whole application.
it's located in plugins/ullCorePlugin/i18n/common.de.xml
to bad, that symfony doesn't check in this path for translations, so
there is a symlink from apps/myApp/i18n/ to this file.

if you want to use a translation from the common messages you have to
use __('MyString', null, 'common');

if this information is not helpful enough / on spot, let me know!

Klemens Ullmann
Mobile: +43 681 10720995
Email: mailto:klemens...@ull.at
Visit: http://www.ull.at

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