Flight Announcement 12/09/2022

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Sep 8, 2022, 10:52:52 AMSep 8
Hi All,

Hoping to fly next Monday 12th September from Westcott Venture Park. Launch window will be 0900 to 1200. Flight will be using a Flextrax with updated firmware but will have a sms GPS backup for any telemetry losses.


Callsign - SATANL
Frequency - 434.375MHz
LoRa Mode - 1

Balloon will be dragging up a second balloon with a ballast gas in and looking at venting the balloon using a small 5V vacuum pump I got from a hobby store. Hoping to see an increase in the ascent rate during the flight. Avionics and experiment payloads are entirely isolated from each other.

The payload frame is 3D printed and a new supplier of polystyrene box which makes the final turn-on/assembly before launch a lot less fiddly.

Currently trying to get the flight doc approved on IRC #habhub.

I will update this thread on Monday.

Kind Regards



Sep 11, 2022, 1:16:37 PMSep 11
Hi Jonathan, wish you a good flight. Receiver and antennas are set :-)

Flight approvement is not going to happen, the habhub bot has gone out of his mind and has been manually stopped. However, I noticed your payload on the map last week so all should be OK to appear on the map.

If the lora receivers running the lora-gateway updated their receivers your flight will be also shown on amateur.sondehub.org and the data should be visible at grafana.v2.sondehub.org showing receivers, their location, possibly the received SNR and RX frequency and your altitude and ascent rate.

So, good to go :-)

Kind regards,

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