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David Akerman

May 7, 2024, 7:21:16 AMMay 7
Those who have done NOTAM'd launches in the last year, roughly, will have seen on the permission/exemption sheet that they need call Swanwick ACC about an hour prior to each launch, to let them know and to get their go-ahead.

My launch on Saturday my first under these new rules, so I called the provided number, to learn that it wasn't (quite) the right number!  The number provided up to now has been that for the east of the country, and I'm in the west.

So the numbers that I know of are:

01489 612411  (EAST)
01489 612413  (EAST)

I don't know where they join, or indeed if there's a CENTRAL or any other areas.

In my experience, If you do call the wrong number then your request will be passed across to the right person/area anyway, but that delays things so you might want to check ahead of your flight.

I've let the CAA know and future exemptions should have the correct number on them!

Also FYI, I was asked to call back immediately after launch, and again after the landing.


David Akerman

May 7, 2024, 7:22:27 AMMay 7

01489 612411  (EAST)
01489 612413  (WEST)
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