UK balloon fly

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Antal Vincz

Jul 16, 2022, 6:13:44 AMJul 16
Hi all,

Do any balloons fly today in UK?



Az e-mailen az AVG vírusellenőrzést végzett.

John Laidler

Jul 16, 2022, 6:34:10 AMJul 16
There is a planned launch from near Bristol this afternoon.  A copy of the email is below:


Sean Fitzgibbon

Wed, 13 Jul, 11:20 (3 days ago)
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We (Westbury Park Primary School Coding Club) are hoping to launch an 800g balloon this weekend, with 300g payload comprising 2 GPS radio trackers, LoRa and RTTY, with SSDV on the main tracker.  Estimated burst altitude is 34-36km and the general direction of the flight is currently predicted to be SE towards Shaftesbury.

The main tracker is on 434.225MHz, payload ID AETHER, LoRa Mode 1, telemetry and SSDV.

The backup tracker is dual LoRa and RTTY, with loRa on 434.450MHz Mode 1, and RTTY on 434.400MHz, 300 baud 8 N 1, 440Hz shift.  Telemetry only no SSDV.  The tracker generally sends a couple of packets on LoRa then a couple of RTTY, but periodically it also sends out a calling mode message (433.650MHz mode 3).  For RTTY you'll probably miss the start of the first packet as the decoder wakes up, but the second packet should be fine.

To follow the action on the HABHUB map, use this link which includes both payloads plus one chase car:!mt=roadmap&mz=11&qm=All&f=ZURG&q=AETHER;ZURG;M0RPI*

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Dave B

Jul 16, 2022, 11:53:53 AMJul 16
Well, I got DL-FLDIGI to decode ZURG in the end, but only after wiping out it's stored settings and starting again from scratch.

I seemed happy uploading the good decodes to "somewhere" but nothing showing from me on habhub, where both AETHER and ZURG were shown static around the Bristol Channel.   I couldn't remember the url for the other tracking site.  (Seems daft having two different sites doing the same thing, but hey ho.)

I actually started to hear the flight not very long after it left the ground, but by then, it seems habhub had lost touch with AETHER as the SSDV feed stopped almost as soon as it left the ground.

The radio here is an old FT-736r, and a 19 element beam, hence the huge signals I was receiving.

What the problem was earlier I do not know, a system restart was a last resort, as this PC is also used for a host of other things that normally run 24/7 without issue.

Anyway if I eventually managed to contribute anything to tracking that flight, good.  Just not having the url for the site ZURG was being tracked on I couldn't follow it after the restart.


Dave G8KBV
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