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Gerd Dijkstra

Apr 18, 2024, 2:52:37 AMApr 18
This Sunday morning April 21 Amateur Balloon from Friesland Holland.
 Launch around 10/10:30 in the morning local time .

-APRS -432.500 every 2 minutes 1200/Baud packet in FM. 
   With the call PA3GPU-11 
   the text: "Balloon tracker from PE1PNX and PA3GPU have FUN '73"

 We also will broadcast in RTTY .
-RRTY - 434.710 mhz every 20 sec in USB in mode 7N2 100bd with 540 Hz tone spacing. With the Call PE1PNX-RRTY. 

We will also test a Mestastic Node on 433mhz with the call HAB Ballon PA3GPU, which will be hung on a kite at a distance of 100 meters and see what  pings there are. Before we turn it into a balloon project in the future.

 Have fun following and have fun ballooning from Gerd and Hans
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