Launching our first balloon - Advice/Locations?

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Tommy Richards

Mar 2, 2024, 7:15:57 AMMar 2
Hi everyone,

I'm Tommy and I'm part of a team of students from the University of Surrey hoping to launch a high-altitude balloon in the next few months.

Obviously as this is our first attempt we want to make sure we do everything right, and most importantly as safely as possible. So two quick questions:

1. Are there launch days, where multiple launches occur at a set place on the same day so, if needed, we were able to get support with our launch? We know these wouldn't be able to be planned many weeks in advance, but if these things do occur closer to launch days that would be good to know.

2. If these launch days are not a thing. Is there a way to find a safe place to launch from? We're fully aware that Guildford is a terrible place to launch, given its proximity to London and three major airports, so any methods to find safe places that the CAA would approve would be great!

We want to make sure our launch is as safe as possible so if there is any other advice anyone has, please do share it! Most of our research so far has come from the UKHAS Wiki and Dave Akerman's Website, so any other tips would be massively appreciated.


William Yu

Mar 2, 2024, 8:09:23 AMMar 2
Hi Tommy,

I'm not sure there are launch days in particular - some people here just launch in their back garden! I'm sure you'll get many good suggestions from this thread but I wonder if you'd be interested in coming up to Cambridge and we could host your launch? There's been relatively few here in the last few years so I'm keen in giving my teams some exposure as well. Drop me a message on if interested - happy to discuss anything from a student society pov also :)


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Tommy Richards

Mar 2, 2024, 3:54:55 PMMar 2
Hi William,

Sounds great, I've just reached out via your email!

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