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Aitor Soroa

Jan 19, 2017, 3:47:39 AM1/19/17
to ukblist

Hi all,

We are pleased to announce version 3.0 of UKB. Please find it at:

This version changes the default parameters performing doing WSD, using those that yield the best overall performance. Old parameters are always available using command-line options. As a drawback, the new default parameters cause ukb to run slower in many settings. If you want ukb to run faster at the cost of getting a slightly worse performance, you can use the "--dgraph_dfs" command-line option instead.

Besides, it contains the following changes:

- use new default settings for diambiguation (--ppr_w2w and --dict_weight). Use "--ppr --nodict_weight" for old behavior. Use "--dgraph_dfs" as a trade-off between performance and running speed.

- ukb_wsd and ukb_ppv can be executed following a client/server architecture. Note that statically linked binaries under "bin/" have this feature disabled, that is, you have to compile ukb by hand in order to have client/server.

- include 'nibble' method for fast PageRank approximation. nibble dramatically increases execution time on very big graphs (i.e., Wikipedia graph)

- add 'ukb_walkandprint' program to create pseudo-corpus by performing random walks in the graph (See Goikoetxea et al., 2015 NAACL paper).

- added scripts to convert Czech Wordnet and GermaNet to UKB format.

Finally, please note that the full git repository of ukb is available here:


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