HOW CIA MI6 MI5 PSYCHOPATHS TORTURED SCIENTIST Dr. Katherine Horton for the last 10 years

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STOP SUCKING COCKS and GOSSIPING for a while. Cocks are NOT going anywhere.

because YOUR LIVES have NO MEANING, since you were SECRETLY CHIPPED and
MI6 MI5 ASIS and ASIO with a few mouse clicks.

USA is a MILLION TIMES "WORSE" than Chinese dictatorship or even hitler.

Your govt controls your entire MSM and brainwashes you 24x7 about Evil
Russia, Evil China, Evil Muslims, Evil non-whites, Evil non-christians
fascism, hitler, nazis to KEEP YOUR MIND DISTRACTED while SECRETLY


There are millions of TORTURE VICTIMS all over the world, including UK,
USA, Europe and India. Most of the victims don't know it because they
are "passive victims".

READ the ongoing 10 year TORTURE ORDEAL of this scientist Dr. Katherine
Horton. It is 24x7 TORTURE just like I experienced for the last 20 years.

Normal people DON'T KNOW and WON'T UNDERSTAND the "standard operating
procedures AND how the intelligence agency psychopaths physically and
mentally TORTURE their victims".

Dr. Katherine Horton

High Energy Physics

Dr Katherine Horton in an Oxford-educated particle physicist and systems
analyst with a Master of Physics (1st class) and doctorate in particle
physics, both from the University of Oxford.

She worked as a high energy physicists on the particle collider at the
German Electronsynchrotron DESY in Hamburg, Germany, and on the Large
Hadron Collider at CERN in Geneva Switzerland. She taught nuclear
physics and particle physics at Hertford College, University of Oxford,
and conducted admissions interviews for undergraduate physics at St
Hilda’s College, Oxford.


There are Terabytes of videos of attacks, photos of injuries and
perpetrators, proof of hacking and housebreaking and car sabotage,
medical records, data records etc.,

What on Earth are Directed Energy Weapons?

Microwave emitters, or more generally, electromagnetic weapons or
Directed Energy Weapons are a new type of assault and murder weapon
currently being manufactured in very large numbers (and very cheaply) by
arms companies around the world, for example Diehl, Rheinmetall, Aaronia
and Siemens (yes!). They are also known as directed energy weapons,
scalar weapons, no-touch torture devices and, euphemistically,
non-lethal weapons (ha!).

The nasty thing about them is that they penetrate the walls of a home.
That is because microwaves pass through concrete, brick and wood
effortlessly (like the beam from a laser-pointer passes through the
glass walls of a conservatory). However, they get absorbed in the human
body, where they cause pain and incredible damage. Microwaves damage
cells, organs, cause tumours and cancer. And they can kill (think of a
sausage in a microwave oven).

By this means, it is possible to assault a person inside his home from
the outside (from even large distances!), cause cancer, organ damage,
brain damage, a heart attack and death without leaving a visible trace
of the assault. These weapons thus allow people to commit the perfect
crime – on the cheap!

The Assaults & Mutilation

Sine 2011, Dr. Horton has been stalked and harassed continuously. Her
private life has been under intrusive and overt surveillance and
interference. All her communications (voice, phone, email etc.) have
been intercepted and sometimes overtly acted upon by agents. Furthermore:

Her home was broken into countless times.
Her computers were hacked.
Her website was sabotaged and her email was service taken offline.
Her private sex life was commented on by strangers in the street.
Two of her business endeavours was destroyed.
Her family and friends were attacked, some near-lethally.
Her medical care was infiltrated and sabotaged.
Her blood sample was stolen.
Her emergency medication was swapped for an unknown tablet.
There were repeated attempts to break up her marriage.
Her hip and knee were permanently damaged in physical attacks.
She was sexually denigrated and humiliated repeatedly.
She received several death threats.
She survived several assassination attempt.
Since January 2016, she is being mutilated with Directed Energy
Weapons 24/7.
She is being tortured non-stop with the non-consensual body
implants and neurotechnology that was illegally implanted in her.
She is being raped several times daily by remote-control with
non-consensual chips that were illegally implanted in her genitals.

As a result of having been let down by all law enforcement agencies in 3
countries and having come across so many victim reports that it became
clear that there were larger genocide programs in action in Europe and
the US, Dr. Horton linked up with 4 other high-profile women who were
victim of these attacks and founded the Joint Investigation Team
US-Europe looking into Directed Energy Weapons, military
neuro/biotechnology and systemic corruption.

Other victims like Ms. Renee Pittman, Dr. John Hall, Dr. Robert Duncan,
Eleanor White, and all over the world experience the same.


British Secret Service Criminality

After fleeing Communist Romania with her parents, Dr. Horton grew up in
Germany where she excelled at school, skipping year 9 on merit and
coming top of her year in the German Abitur. Based on her school results
and high aptitude for maths and physics, Dr. Horton was accepted for a
place at the University of Oxford where she completed her undergraduate
and doctorate before becoming a research fellow, as mentioned above.

It was during her first week as an undergraduate at Oxford, that Dr.
Horton witnessed the very same tactics used on her that the Securitate
had used on her family during Communist times. A group of older men
began to stalk her to lectures in the morning and were waiting for her
at various points on the way upon her return to the College. They
repeatedly took photographs of her and made their stalking and
harassment as overt as possible.

At the time, Dr. Horton ignored the spectacle as life in a foreign
country and keeping up with studies at an elite university was
overwhelming enough. The stalking and harassment by older men continued
intermittently throughout her undergraduate degree, but it wasn’t until
a decade later that it exploded into a high-intensity terror campaign by
British Secret Services.

In November 2011, as Dr. Horton was attending a High Court case in
London as part of her systems analysis research into the English legal
system, MI5 openly stalked her home from court and placed a thug to wait
for her outside her home every morning to follow her to the train
station. This overt Secret Service terror campaign, that began with MI5
in 2011 has not stopped to this day and has followed Dr. Horton abroad
to all European countries through the terror networks of MI6. So at the
time of writing, Dr. Horton has been stalked and harassed by MI5 and MI6
for almost two decades.

What began as overt surveillance became intrusive harassment, overt
stalking, physical mutilation and sex trafficking by a group of British
men mostly in their 50-70s after the end of the court case. Eventually,
it morphed into open, rampant criminality by people connected to the
Secret Services and the police. Dr. Horton suffered a Stasi-style
break-in, sex stalking by those perverts in Oxford and wherever she
went, regular street theatre and harassment by strangers. One of the
barristers from the court case, Jonathan Sumption, began to stalk her as
part of this criminal network and took prominent part in her abuse.

During this period he also became a judge of the UK Supreme Court and
acquired the courtesy title of Lord Sumption. Due to the timing of his
promotion, which saw him leap-frog the entire English judiciary by
becoming a Supreme Court Judge without ever having served as a judge in
England, and the sexual nature of the abuse that Dr. Horton suffered and
continues to suffer, it appears likely that Lord Sumption’s abuse of her
is for the accumulation of a control file that a lot of establishment
figures need to have to be promoted up in the cartel world of the ruling

The violations of the members of this criminal network grew ever more
sadistic and brutal with time. They followed her across Europe,
subverted her medical care and eventually escalated into systematic
physical mutilation of her with Directed Energy Weapons. These assaults
that started overtly in 2011 have not abated to this day.


Investigating Secret Service Terror

With the explosion of the Secret Service terror campaigns into non-stop
mutilation with Directed Energy Weapons, life became impossible for Dr.
Horton as she found herself assaulted 24/7 in a torture program that had
her death as its goal. The continuous assaults during the day exploded
at night when she was lying defenceless in bed.

She made several reports to the local police in Unterengstringen
(Zurich) and to the German Federal Police Agency, Bundeskriminalamt.
However, it became clear that they were involved in the criminality as
they refused to take action. So Dr. Horton was forced to take up the
investigation herself full time.

After extensive online research and after flying to London to attend the
High Court case of Philip Kerr v MI5 and speaking to the business man
Philip Kerr and his partner after the hearing, Dr. Horton discovered
that her case and that of Philip Kerr were almost identical.

Dr. Horton realised that during her time at the University of Oxford,
she had become the victim of criminal operations by MI5, which used her
in non-consensual human experimentation and covert sex trafficking. Upon
this realisation, she took MI6 (called SIS these days), MI5 and GCHQ to
court but was thwarted by the defendants who sabotaged her case in every
possible way, including a death threat on the way to court in London
that MI6 executed with an assassination attempt 3 days later in
Switzerland. In the end, the court case was “terminated” and attempts
were made to make it disappear off the record.

After this experience, Dr. Horton tried to withdraw but the attacks only
escalated further until it became clear that they would not stop until
the Secret Services would have succeeded in murdering Dr. Horton.

In an attempt to understand what was happening, Dr. Horton travelled to
Manchester to attend the court case of Dr. Stephen Frost v MoD at the
end of October 2016. There, Dr. Horton was brutally assaulted in the
hotel room with Directed Energy Weapons. Upon reporting the assault to
police the Greater Manchester Police lied to Dr. Horton and sent her
back to her hotel room promising to send a police officer to the scene.
There, MI5 waited until they expected her to have gone to bed and then
staged criminal intimidation theatre by faking the call out of a “mental
health ambulance” (no such thing existence in the UK) and pretended to
try to section Dr. Horton.

After this experience, Dr. Horton went public on the Richie Allen Show
about the Directed Energy Weapon assaults on her by the Secret Services.
Through this publicity, she was put into contact with several other
women, including Karen Melton-Stewart, who had worked almost 30 years
for the NSA and had become a whistleblower about internal corruption.
Through the exchange it became clear that the Secret Service criminality
was identical between the US and Europe and there were indications that
it was founded on a global genocide programs run by the Secret Services
worldwide for “population control” and “sustainability”.

In May 2017, through the work of the Joint Investigation Team, Dr.
Horton discovered that she had been covertly implanted with military
bio-technology and neurotechnology and used as a torture and mutilation
slave for almost two decades.

Court Case against MI6, MI5 and GCHQ

In spring 2016, when the physical attacks with Directed Energy Weapons
on her became insane, Dr. Horton fled to London and was desperately
seeking an emergency injunction from the London High Court against
British Intelligence. Her court case

Dr Katherine Horton v SIS, MI5, GCHQ [2016] EWHC 2095 (QB)

was violently sabotaged by British Secret Services who committed every
imaginable criminal act to stop her litigation and disappear it off the

The court case was not listed on the day as it should have been.
The High Court did not give the case a case number. (This is why
the first two transcripts to do not appear with a case number).
The transcripts of the hearing were falsified by British Intel to
remove questions by the judge and Dr. Horton’s answer.
British Intel’s barrister openly lied to the court.
Dr. Horton received a death threat on the way to the first hearing
and survived an assassination attempt 3 days later. The number 3 (and
the number 7) is often used as cartel-signalling by Intel.
At the 3rd hearing Judge Holgate terminated the case as “frivolous
or vexatious” and used the pretext that it was not even a case to start
with because, allegedly, it didn’t contain a claim. The reason for the
lack of claim was that none of Dr. Horton’s court documents had the
title “Particulars of Claim”. This judgement went against the previous
two High Court judges, Justice Spencer and Justice Edis, who did not
have a problem recognising the content of the claim. It also went
against the rule that when litigants are forced to represent themselves
more attention has to be given to content than form by the judge. This
rule was confirmed to Dr. Horton by an internationally known war crimes

Death Threat and MI6 Assassination Attempt

In retaliation just for daring to approach the High Court, Dr. Horton
received a death threat from MI6 who were reading her email live and
listening to all her phone conversations and knew that she was
travelling to London to go to the High Court. An MI6 agent approached
her in gas-lighting theatre on her way from Heathrow airport to her
hotel after midnight, and after involving her in small talk said out of
the blue “there is crime in every country, in some it is just well
hidden”; he repeated that sentence and after a meaningful pause he asked
“Did they kill Diana?”, making a reference to Princess Diana and her
death that pointed to MI6 as her killers. The implication was that if
MI6 was willing to murder a Princess, they would just as easily murder
Dr. Horton.

Straight after the first hearing of her court litigation, MI6 stalked
Dr. Horton demonstratively all the way back to her hotel. There, the
attackers waited until she came out of her shower wrapped in a towel
before assaulting her with intense machine-gunning from Directed Energy
Weapons into the back of her head so that she collapsed from pain. The
emphasis on nudity and humiliation in Secret Service attacks is a
recurring theme in the victim cases and appears to result from mental
illness, sexual depravity and sadistic psychopathy that is rampant in
Western Secret Services and the military. The attackers repeated the
attack a second time when Dr. Horton’s husband arrived back at the hotel
as she stood up to tell him what had happened. She collapsed again in
pain in front of her husband from the agonisingly painful machine-gunning.

Three days later, Dr. Horton and her husband survived an assassination
attempt on the Swiss motorway as Dr. Horton, the driver of the car, was
machine-gunned in the head as from a car in front as they were
travelling at 100km/h through a tunnel. Had Dr. Horton lost
consciousness during the attack as intended, she and her husband would
have crashed in the tunnel and likely died in an accident reminiscent of
the death of Princess Diana.
Satanic Symbolism & Continued Attacks

On the day of the attack, a life-size black plastic goat was placed by
Ms. Nitschke a neighbour of Dr. Horton on a flat roof of a neighbouring
property in a prominent place that could be seen from almost every room
of Dr. Horton’s home. Comparison with other victim cases identifies this
as a Satanic symbol of death that the Secret Services like to harass
their victims with. Subsequently, the mutilation of Dr. Horton with
Directed Energy Weapons became even more psychopathic.
Investigative Research

As a result of the refusal by the police and the courts to assist, Dr.
Horton was forced to investigate these rampant crimes herself. She came
across the testimony of hundreds of victims online who were begging for
help like her on YouTube, Facebook on Twitter. All of them were being
mutilated like she was and had also been maliciously treated by the
authorities. It was at that point that Dr. Horton realised that the
police, judiciary and secret services are all knowingly complicit in a
global Nazi extermination program that is using Directed Energy Weapons
to place victims into invisible concentration camps and commit silent

Dr. Horton gradually realised that she, as well as her family and
friends, were being used as target practice for modern military weapons
and subjects of human experimentation with non-consensual body implants
and neurotechnology. The crimes against her and her family and friends
were committed with egregious impunity because all police services,
Intelligence Agencies and courts were in Deep Capture by a global
criminal network that owned the Secret Services and had infiltrated
every area of public life.

Dr. Horton as well as her family members and those of her friends
experienced brutal assaults and survived assassination attempts. Dr.
Horton was permanently mutilated and repeated brutal premeditated
assaults and had to begin fighting for her life.

Dr. Horton also discovered that she had been non-consensually implanted
without her knowledge with microchips. The radio-frequency emissions
from these illegal chip implants that form an interconnected system,
called a Body Area Network in the scientific literature, were measured
by experts in a professional Faraday cage at a Belgian university.

She also discovered that members of her family and friends had equally
been implanted.

Dr. Horton has begged for help from the human rights charities, Swiss &
UK & German police, Swiss criminal police, Swiss military police, the
German Federal Crime Squad BKA, the Swiss & UK Attorney Generals, the UK
Investigatory Powers Tribunal, the Heads of MI5 & BND and the German
ambassador to Switzerland. All committed dereliction of duty by refusing
to help. The police even took active steps to intimidate her.

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