Dastageer Sakhizai and Helen Smith

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S. Kabatoff

May 3, 2001, 4:20:52 PM5/3/01
Wed May 2nd 2001 122/243 16145

19 1 11 8 9 26 1 9 = 84

164 Dastageer 19 3 58 78/287 395
Dastageer 80 Sakhizai 84

In the evening I went to The Broadway Roastery on Five Corners by the
penis poster poles where Marcia works, she is pretty cute. A couple of
people arrived and sat at the "counter" with me, both provided stats.
Dastageer adds to 80 and his day, month and year of birth adds to 80. His
first name adds to the 58th non-prime and he was born in '58. The 7 primes
up to 17 add to his 58th year of birth and he has 17 letters. His last name
adds to 105% of his first name, it is the 78th non-prime and he was born on
day 78. His names add to the 58th and 61st non-primes, together for 119,
while he was born on the 19.

I asked Dastageer is his dad was born in '32, for Dastageer's vowels
add to 32 and his consonants add to 132, and Helen responded by saying that
both of her parents were born in '32, pretty as she was born on day 332.

228 Helen 28 11 62 332/33 2110
Helen 44 Anne 34 Louise 81 Smith 69

Helen was born on the 28th, her name adds to 228, her initials add to
40 (28th non-prime). Maybe she will take the name Sakhizai and then her
common name would add to 128. Dastageer was born on day 78, while Helen's
first two names add to 78 and her consonants exceed her vowels by 78 (Exodus
28). Her primes, squares and cubes add together for 105 (78th non-prime).
Together their days, months and years of birth add to 181 (Deuteronomy 28).
Their names add to 164 and 228, corresponding to Deuteronomy 11 and Judges
17, together for 28.

Dastageer is 6 feet 2 inches tall, he was born on the 21262nd day of
the century, while Helen was born in '62, her names add to the 30th, 23rd,
59th and 50th non-primes, together for 162.

Helen's 62nd year of birth is the 44th non-prime while her first name
adds to 44 and Dastager's birthday was 44 days ago. Their first names add to
the 58th and 30th non-primes, it is an average of 44.

Dastageer's name adds to 164 while Helen's name adds to 64 more.

Helen's first and last names add to the 30th and 50th non-primes,
together for 80, and she sat with Dastageer (80).

Helen was born on the 28th (19th non-prime) day of the month (Hosea
with 197 verses) and on the 332nd day of the year (Second Kings 19), her
last name adds to 69 (Exodus 19), while Dastageer was born on the 19th. The
primes up to 19 add to 77...

Helen was born on the 22977th day of the century, her unrepresented
letters exceed her represented letters by 77. Her 332nd day of birth exceeds
her 228 valued name by 104 (77th non-prime). The represented letters in her
given names add to 104 (77th non-prime).

Dastageer has 17 letters while Helen's name adds to 228 (Judges 17).
Together their last names add to 153 (1 through 17 and is the 117th
non-prime). Helen's consonants add to 153 (1 through 17 and is the 117th
non-prime), her even valued letters add to 102 (17+17p+17np). They were born
in '58 (the 7 primes up to 17) and '62, these Bible Books together contain
17x(7+17) verses. And Bible Books 48 and 62 differ in length by 198 verses,
it is a combination of the 17th and the 17+17th primes (59+139).

Helen's 62nd year of birth is a combination of the 13th prime plus the
13th non-prime, her 332nd day of birth corresponds to the 41st chapter of
The Kings (13th prime), while her common name adds to 113. Her consonants
add to 75 (13+13p+13np). Together they were born on days of the century
adding to 44239, it is a multiple of both 13 and of the 13th prime (41).

Together they were born on days of the century adding to 44239 while
their given names add together for 239.

Helen's unrepeated letters add to 49 (7x7). Helen's birthday was 155
days ago, the length of Bible Book 7x7. Their first names add together for
124 (Numbers 7), their names average 7x7+7x7. They are both multiples of 7
days old, they are separated by 5x7x7x7 days, they average 40.77 years old.
They were born on days of the year adding to 410 (Ezra 7). If she took his
name, then their names could add together for 407. God gives you your name
(Ephesians 3:15), and if Helen marries Dastageer and takes his last name,
then she should likewise consider that name as being a gift from God.

If Marcia marries me and six women (Isaiah 4:1), then Dastegeer and
Helen will both win a shiny new Cadillac, it is now included in my suit
against the churches and their politician friends. Good luck Dastageer and
Helen, and may God bless you!!!

D. Shawn Kabatoff
Box 7134
Saskatoon Saskatchewan
S7K 4J1

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