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Kendall K. Down

Nov 11, 2022, 2:29:35 PM11/11/22
One of Wyatt's claims was that the Israelite crossing of the Red Sea
was, in fact, at Nuweiba, where they crossed the Gulf of Aqaba instead
of the Gulf of Suez.

There is just so much wrong with that claim that it is difficult to know
where to start. For example, running along the line of the present Suez
Canal, more or less, was the Wall of the Prince, a fortification akin to
Trump's wall, to keep the Asiatics out. Some depictions even show a
crocodile filled moat in front of the wall! Sinuhe, approximately the
same time as Moses (by the Revised Chronology), was able to slip across
by hiding in the sand dunes and watching the pattern of patrols along
the wall, then slipping over after dark. That was not an option for a
million of so Jews plus livestock!

Assuming that they somehow managed to get past this obstacle, the desert
from Suez to Nuweiba is dry and waterless - I've been across it twice.
They would have needed miraculous water *before* crossing the Red Sea,
not after, as the Bible records.

Other objections are summed up in this film I made on site some years ago.

You can judge of Wyatt's mendacity for yourself by viewing his claim

Right down at the bottom of that page is his depiction of an underwater
bridge from Nuweiba to the Saudi shore. Now go to Google Earth and
compare its depiction of the underwater profile. One of them is lying -
and it ain't Google.

Does an excellent job of demolishing Wyatt's lies and produces his "land
bridge" diagram at a larger size.

God bless,
Kendall K. Down

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