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Kendall K. Down

Nov 28, 2022, 2:59:31 PM11/28/22
Some years ago the worship leader of a local church told me that he had
particular wants in the program he used to display the hymns on screen,
among which were an easy way of making multicoloured text. What he
particularly had in mind was to put the words on screen with alternate
lines in English-white/Welsh-light blue (or whatever colours he wanted).

I wrote the first version of my "Hymns" program and gave it to him.
However once I started using it myself I came up with further
requirements and added to and developed the program.

With Christmas upon us I naturally wanted to use carols in the worship
before the sermon, but having to try and remember what carols I had
available was a bit hit and miss. It occurred to me that it would be
brilliant if all the carols were identified in some way - but then, as I
thought about it, why stop at carols? Why not have all the children's
hymns also identifiable? What about Easter, hymns to do with salvation,
praise, thanks, etc.

So now when you start my program you get a double row of letters of the
alphabet which you can click on to choose all the hymns beginning with a
particular letter, just as before. In addition you now have a line of
buttons, each labelled with a particular category (in alphabetic order)
and you can click on the "Christmas" button to bring up all the
Christmas hymns and carols.

Provided you have the necessary equipment, you can use your computer's
extended screen to display the words via your projector and the music
for the hymn via a monitor or monitors for your organist/musicians.

In addition the program is integrated with NewDisplay, so that if you
have a sermon presentation, Hymns will extract the sermon's splash
screen info and display it, which saves having to manually alter the
Hymns splash screen to match.

Download for free from www.nwtv.co.uk/display/

God bless,
Kendall K. Down

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