Textual Criticism

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Kendall K. Down

Jul 24, 2022, 2:19:44 AM7/24/22
There has recently been some discussion about the authorship of certain
books of the Bible, in which the "discoveries" of textual criticism have
been quoted. It may surprise these people to realise that textual
criticism was not invented in the 1800s and the foolishness of its
conclusions has not improved over the years.

"Solomon also is found to have prophesied in his books, of which three
are received as of canonical authority, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and the
Song of Songs. But it has been customary to ascribe to Solomon other
two, of which one is called Wisdom, the other Ecclesiasticus, on account
of some resemblance of style."
City of God, Book XVII.xx

St Augustine goes on to admit that most do not accept them as genuinely
Solomonic, but it is interesting that supposed similarities of style
(and, no doubt, differences) are being used to determine authorship.

God bless,
Kendall K. Down

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