True benevolence

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Kendall K. Down

Aug 9, 2022, 3:09:42 PMAug 9
St Augustine, in his "City of God", makes a very pertinent comment about
how discipline in the home and in society is to be maintained.

For as it is not benevolent to give a man help at the expense of some
greater benefit he might receive, so it is not innocent to spare a man
at the risk of his falling into graver sin. To be innocent, we must not
only do harm to no man, but also restrain him from sin or punish his
sin, so that either the man himself who is punished may profit by his
experience, or others be warned by his example.

In other words, we should not give handouts to beggars (in the West,
anyway) unless we can be sure that we are going to actually help them,
not just fund their next session in the boozer. Indeed, if we would be
truly good, we have a duty to ensure that those who do wrong are
suitably punished.

God bless,
Kendall K. Down

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