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I Guerrieri Dell'anno 2072 Torrent PORTABLE

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Amelia Tapper

Jan 25, 2024, 8:13:23 PMJan 25
<div>Lucio Fulci directed this dystopian sci-fi epic in 1984. In the far-flung future of 2072, the world is ruled by TV networks. Two of these networks are locked in a bitter ratings battle, and as their efforts to outdo each other escalate, they develop the ultimate way to decide which network reigns supreme: having criminals fight each other in Roman-style gladiatorial combat. Mondo is proud to present the soundtrack to this wild piece of Italian cinema!</div><div></div><div></div><div></div><div></div><div></div><div>I guerrieri dell'anno 2072 torrent</div><div></div><div>Download Zip: </div><div></div><div></div><div>Italian director Lucio Fulci is best known for horror flicks. He ventured outside of the horror genre with "I guerrieri dell'anno 2072" (alternately called "Warriors of the Year 2072" and "The New Gladiators" in English). As it turns out, this is one of those exploitation flicks that accurately predicted the future. The plot is that in 2072, the only media outlets are a pair of worldwide conglomerates who vie for viewership by airing ultra-violent competitions. Sounds a bit like the reality shows on which people degrade themselves just to get famous.</div><div></div><div></div><div></div><div>Much of the movie seems like a "Rollerball" knockoff - featuring obvious sets - but I enjoyed the movie. As often happens with European B movies, many of the European cast members get given Anglo-sounding names in the editions available in the English-speaking world. This movie won't be for everyone, but fans of dystopian sci-fi flicks from Europe are sure to like it.</div><div></div><div></div><div>In d'l an 2072 i canài televiśìṿ, par far ascōlt, i métan sù sōl di prugràma viulènt cuma la rēda Seven Seas ch'la traśmét di cumbatimènt fra mutuciclìsta c'n al campiòṅ ch'l è Drake (Jared Martin). Sam (Gianni Di Benedetto), al cap dal canàł cuncurènt Wbasic, al decìd acsè ad mandàr in ónda anca lò un prugràma cumpàgn cun di cundanâ a mòrt ch'i gh'àṅ da cumbàtar par meritàr-as la gràsia. A sarnìr i cuncurènt 'l è al computer Junior ch'al tîṅ in cunsiderasiòṅ qvéi ch'i èṅ bòṅ ad far crésar i spetadōr e dònca al pésca sù anc Drake. In cal méntar sò mujér, la Susan (Valeria Cavalli), la vèṅ masàda e Drake al finìs in parśòṅ p'r ès'r-as fat giustìsia da par lò, a dita dla pulisìa, e pò in un pòst in dua al gh'à da cumbàtar cun di àtar gladiadōr e lè al gh cata Monk (Donald O'Brien), òṅ ch'al cgnusìva bèla da prima e ch'l è armàś ufēś in dla ghigna tant ch'adès al gh'à 'n òć biònic. Chi lò al fà al mecànic par qvéi dla Wbasic.</div><div></div><div></div><div>The New Gladiators, also known as Warriors of the Year 2072 (Italian: I Guerrieri dell'anno 2072), is a 1984 Italian sci-fi action film directed by Lucio Fulci, starring Jared Martin, Fred Williamson, Howard Ross, Eleonora Brigliadori, Cosimo Cinieri, Valeria Cavalli, Donald O'Brien, and Al Cliver. The film's score was composed by Riz Ortolani. The film is set in Rome in the year 2072, where criminals are forced to fight like ancient Roman gladiators on futuristic motorcycles live on national television.</div><div></div><div></div><div> Big Bad: Sam, the CEO of WBS-TV. Subverted when he turns out to be merely a front for Junior, the true Big Bad. Bread and Circuses: Prisoners on death row are forced to fight to the death for the entertainment of the masses. Cool Bike: All the contestants in Kill Bike, naturally, fight on futuristic armored motorcycles. Condemned Contestant: The fighters on both networks' shows consist entirely of death row inmates. Corrupt Corporate Executive: Cortez, WBS-TV's chief of programming, is increasingly frustrated by the consistently high ratings of the rival network's most popular show Kill Bike, and is willing to go the any lengths to steal its thunder. Covers Always Lie: The poster prominently features a Flying Saucer hovering menacingly above Rome; while the computer system known as Junior operates from such a vessel, it's not quite the imposing presence the poster art makes it out to be. Crusading Widow: Drake is, conveniently for WBS-TV, sentenced to death for killing three men who broke into his house and murdered his wife Susan. Cyberpunk: Future Rome looks much like Los Angeles does in Blade Runner, with its imposing chiaroscuro cityscapes, ubiquitous advertising billboards, and Mega Corps controlling the flow of information. Deadly Game: Kill Bike, where convicted criminals fight to the death like futuristic Roman gladiators on motorcycles. Explosive Leash: All the gladiators are fitted with explosive bracelets that can be activated whenever the network executives see fit. Towards the end of the film, the devices are reprogrammed to kill the gladiators within 20 minutes of the fight's end in order to prevent them from escaping the arena. Kirk attempts to remove his bracelet, only to set it off and die. Exty Years from Publication: 2072 would be 88 years in the future at the time of the film's release. Immoral Reality Show: Both Kill Bike and The Danger Game, WBS-TV's response thereto. The latter sees contestants placed in simulations of near-death scenarios, with their consequent hallucinations broadcast for all to see. The more intense the response, the higher the ratings, although it ultimately fails to truly compete against the other show. They ultimately resort to creating their own gladiatorial contest. Mega-Corp: Both WBS-TV and the unnamed American network control much of the world's media and are in fierce competition with each other. Multinational Team: WBS-TV's contestants consist of Drake, a white American; Abdul, an African-American Muslim fanatic; Akira, a Japanese serial killer; Kirk, a German bank robber/murderer; and Tango, a Latin American terrorist. Sci-Fi Writers Have No Sense of Scale: The satellite broadcasting Sam's image is said to be orbiting Earth at an altitude of 200,000 miles (or 320,000 kilometers). This is way too high for a communications satellite to be working efficiently. Your Princess Is in Another Castle!: After Abdul shoots Cortez and prepares to confront Sam, a computer screen image appears informing him that Sam is merely a video projection of Junior, the true Big Bad.</div><div></div><div></div><div>Fulci's Warriors of the Year 2072 perhaps isn't very good from a technical standpoint, but I still find it rather enjoyable. Sure, it's a schlocky amalgamation of more well known science-fiction/ post-apocalyptic movies, but the way the man solves budgetary contraints is super impressive. The miniature model work, the crude visual effects and the cheap gore never fail to win me over. Very charming!</div><div></div><div></div><div>In 2072 Rome, Italy, the ruthless CEO of a TV network plots to stage a modern series of gladiator games for ratings while one 'contenstant' learns of a conspiracy behind the true nature of the results.</div><div></div><div></div><div>V roce 2072 vedou dvě televizní společnosti boj o diváckou sledovanost. Evropské WBS se stále nedaří překonat násilnický pořad amerického konkurenta "Kill-Bike" o motocyklových soubojích na život a na smrt. Rozhodne se proto přijít s obdobnou gladiátorskou show - v Koloseu budou proti sobě bojovat zločinci odsouzení k smrti. Bývalý hrdina "Kill-Bike" Drake se má stát hlavní hvězdou.(Ertai)</div><div></div><div> dd2b598166</div>
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