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Rolanda Stelman

Jan 25, 2024, 7:30:15 PMJan 25
The song was ranked at number 14 among the "Tracks of the Year" for 1983 by NME.[2] In a retrospective review of "The Cutter", AllMusic journalist Tom Maginnis wrote: "Echo and The Bunnymen successfully wed the Eastern influenced psychedelic sounds made famous by the Beatles. The Eastern strings re-enter at strategic points, filling in space between verses and Ian McCulloch's esoteric pleas to 'spare us the cutter!'. The track never loses steam, cruising through each section with power and grace."[3]

The song was covered by the Dutch musician Solex on the 2001 compilation album Matador 2001: Draw Me a Riot, which came free with the April 2001 edition of The Wire magazine.[4] A version of the song, performed by Lagartija Nick, is included on the 2005 Spanish tribute album Play the Game: Un Tributo a Echo & The Bunnymen.

song cutter app download


Cutting after a beat works surprisingly well. This means finding beats on the song and cutting it straight after one. This one could be challenging as it may not be always easy to find a beat. On top of it, you may not have a beat available at the point you need to cut.

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GWAR has released the official MyGoodEye-directed music video for the song "The Cutter". The track, which is described in a press release as "a heavy metal burner", features a special guest appearance by HALESTORM singer Lzzy Hale.

Thanks to regulations forced on the BBC by EMI back in the 1940s, DJs were severely restricted from putting a song into rotation unless it was an official single on a major label. John Peel found a clever end-run to this: he'd hire the band members as "session musicians" to come in and record a "cover" of their own song, which then counted as BBC content, so he could play it as often as he liked. By 1982, the Peel Sessions were a cultural institution, which Peel had used to break hundreds of bands, in a dozen new genres from psychedelic to punk.

I have no idea what it's about: I didn't even like it the first few times I heard it. But, one day, I listened without being critical, and some element reached out to me, and I began to feel differently about it. The small feeling eventually balloned into something larger, and I came to love this song, and wonder now how it was I ever felt differently.

Ok, the 7th floor is referencing this Broadcasting building in London, where BBC recordings take place (or used to anyway). Cello tape I believe was used in recording to create a certain sound with a microphone, or maybe just taping mics together, and for other various purposes. So, the way I look at it, they were a struggling band, putting together instruments or setting up their stuff in a studio as best they could, trying to make an impression, and hoping they would be spared from the "cutter" or the critical minds of the music industry who have little patience for experimental, creative music. They're hoping that the industry people on the 7th floor who control their destiny are "brewing alternatives" which would allow their music (the stuff the music industry might put in the bottom drawer initially) to actually see the light of day.

And when he says "watch the fingers close, when the hands are cold," I see this as meaning that he needs to remind himself to keep it together. He needs to stay away from getting caught up in the release, and focus on the art. The release that the actual cutter receives can be too much of a good thing if too much blood leaves the body. Just as the release of emotion in art must be tamed as well, because ultimately an artist wants to harness the emotion and articulate the experience with an objective, critical eye. The risk is dropping into a self-destructive vortex.

Yeah I agree with BruceMcD. The self inflicted cutting thing is so far fetched. To me that makes everything else you speculate about very suspect. I'm just being honest. The reason I don't give a detailed opinion is because for me there are two or three obvious scenarios. I look at these comments and people read way too much into the lyrics. The simplest possibility tends to be the best explanation, yet time and time again these artist that don't come clean and explain the meaning have a reason for not. It's because there isn't one or they were so high at the time they have no clue. Half of Kurt Cobain's songs, and I quote, are "complete nonsense." And he's considered one of the greatest poets of all time.

Noel Gallager got hammered and cut to pieces by critics over CHAMPAGNE SUPERNOVA. "What do you mean?'Slowly walking down the hall faster than a cannon ball...' that makes no sense." His reply, "Yeah but it rhymes and it went multi platinum you fucking wankor!"

As someone who grew up on echo, this song to me, critics, ect. was regarded as containing several drug references. I don't think they are completely at odds with OneTwo's thoughts, but to ignore them probably isn't right either. Brewing alternatives, bottom drawer could easily be references to drugs. Conquering myself...anyone who has tripped to hard can understand this, etc.

Ok, here is the actual significance of "spare us the cutter". It is a reference to the film Clockwork Orange. In the film, a tramp asks the main character Alex "can you spare some cutter, me brother". He was begging and "cutter" means "money" in the "nadsat" slang used throughout the movie.

The song has a lot of content from the film Clockwork orange. Spare us the cutter is a line from the film, one scene the gang attack with Celotape and knives, I believe he lives on the seveth floor , etc

davesellwood Does that have anything to do with circumcision ? Just thinking - with these lyrics :- "Spare us the cutter, Will I still recoil, When the skin is lost"

Sounds like fcuking OUCH! to me - a fellow sufferer!

davesellwood Well, not really. The line from the film is "can you spare some cutter, me brothers". So no, it's not "directly" taken from the film. Similar, yes.

But here again, as so often is the case, is a person presenting wishful thinking and/or coincidence as if it were solid facts.

The rest of the lyrics to this song do not allude to that film or its themes in any way at all. So most likely it is just a coincidence.

Kids, learn form this. Think first, writer later.

This song is about creating music. But I don't think "the cutter" is the labels and their pet producers trying to water it down, as so many of the comments say. From almost any other band, I'd agree, but not from Ian McCulloch.

Ian has said the whole album is about "coming to terms with the opposites in me", and that it's "so personal that I hate it, it's oppressive". It ties in with the general struggle with OCD that so many of his songs are about, but in this one, it's specifically about how that struggle manifests when trying to get a song from the raw Peel Session version to the final world-conquering single. It's his own alternating self-doubt and perfectionism that drove him to keep rewriting and rearranging this song (only part of the chorus survived from the 1981 version, called "Happy Loss"), and I think that as it evolved over countless obsessive rewrites, it became about that process itself.

I have a short song I've recorded, I need to lose a few bars of music at the end, to shorten it still further. How do I do this? I looked it up but got confused.( for a change). Oddly enough I deleted the tracks with music on them but somehow they persisted when I exported to MP3.

To shorten a song you have several options. Export it with the longer length and then import in back into cakewalk, or another audio tool, and trip off the end of the audio and add a clip fade or track automation to fade it out.

You could also select all your tracks and clips and bounce them to clips so that each track is a single clip. Then select all the clips and drag the end of the clips back to where you want the song to end.

Gwar just released their new album The New Dark Ages and you really need to check it out (which we already told you). It's a great mix of the band's classic humor and punk energy, though with a very generous helping of classic heavy metal influence. One song in particular you should hear is "The Cutter," which fuses all the aforementioned alongside a choral bit toward the middle performed by Halestorm vocalist Lzzy Hale. The chorus' vocal cadence also reminds me a lot of "Turbo Lover" by Judas Priest.Grab a copy of The New Dark Ages here. Gwar is also in the midst of their tour with Goatwhore, The Native Howl, and Nekrogoblikon. Get those dates below.6/3 Chattanooga, TN The Signal [Tickets]

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