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Android app or website that shows public footpath and right of way

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Feb 11, 2020, 8:53:20 AM2/11/20
I'm looking for an android app or a website that show public footpaths
or right of way/right to roam, the last thing i want to do is walk where
I'm not supposed to i will be starting in Kent or Surrey


Stewart Robert Hinsley

Feb 11, 2020, 11:48:20 AM2/11/20
The OS Maps app does that, but you either have to pay for a mapping
subscription, or buy the (1:25,000 only?) paper maps (which nowadays
come with a free android download). I use the latter, as I want paper
maps as backup in case of battery exhaustion, or other failure. has the OS 1:50,000 and OS 1:25,000 mapping as two
of its resolutions. I don't know offhand whether Bing Maps still uses IS

There is also, but that will generallt be less
reliable than OS mapping. There are apps that use its data.



Jun 17, 2020, 5:05:55 AM6/17/20
I'm a bit late responding to this but having recently moved to
Kent/E.Sussex I've been finding footpaths and rights of way.
There are far fewer RoW here than where I moved from but there
are some well-used footpaths that are not RoW.

Quite a few local RoW were missing from OpenStreetmap (OSM); I've
added them wherever I've found them. I use OsMand (OSM/Android) -
on both Android and an iPhone when walking. It doesn't show RoW
differently from other footpaths - maybe other OSM-based apps do.
And it would depend on the path having been entered as a RoW in
the first place.

To find RoW I use the paper 1:25000 OS Maps, or the app loaded
with the free download you get when you buy one - which is on my
wife's phone 'cos it's bigger.

Each county has an online map of RoW, e.g. E.Sussex (mind the wrap!):
That has larger-scale maps than the 1:25000 if you zoom in - but
stops at the county boundary. I wouldn't try using on a phone in
the middle of a forest, but you could take some screenshots
before you go.
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