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Jul 14, 2007, 2:47:51 PM7/14/07
We are going to San Stefanos in Corfu next month and there is a
naturist beach there. Has anybody been? Or can anybody give more
details. I have looked at Capt Barefoot but there is not much there

Jul 15, 2007, 9:21:33 AM7/15/07
take a look @ . There is a forum where you can
ask the same question. Being specific to Corfu you may get a better
reply,than here.


Jul 15, 2007, 10:24:27 AM7/15/07

It`s been a long while since i`ve been to Corfu, there is a naturist
beach not far from San Stefanos called Myrtiossa (sp?), a bit of a
bugger to get to, & an excellent long stretch of nude beach at St.
George south, not far from Kavos. Hamish.


Jul 15, 2007, 1:12:35 PM7/15/07
myrtiotissa i think.
used to be lovely but i understand that much of the beach has been lost to
there was often a body painter there too using the clay from the rocks as a
base and making bright and cheerful creatures out of all and sundry willing
to participate (though he tended to ask mostly pretty young females!)

"Hamish" <> wrote in message

Jul 18, 2007, 5:32:24 AM7/18/07
On 14 Jul, 19:47, Norman <> wrote:

It depends which San Stefanos you mean - there are 2 in Corfu. I
recommend hiring a car/scooter to get around.

A few years ago we spent 2 weeks at San Stefanos (North Tip of Corfu)
and the beach at San Stefanos did tolerate Nudity at the end away from
the Harbour and no one bothered about the odd naturist straying into
the textile area however not really ideal and it depends how brazen
you feel. Arillas however is just round the coast from San Stephenos
(1 mile or so West) if you go along that beach from the village past
the bit of cliff which juts out there is a super beach which is 100%
naturist and great for swimming.

Myrtiossa from memory is a mixed beach with textile and naturist areas
though no clear division between with naturists and textiles freely
using each area. Like Hamish says it is hard to get to involving a
long steep walk from the car park unless you have a 4by4. Very pretty
and relaxing beach where no one cares whether you are nude or not,
left mainly nude right mainly textile but so isolated you can do as
you please.

I always check Captain Barefoot before visiting any Greek Islands.
Trends tend to change so follow your instincts on quieter beaches.


Jul 18, 2007, 5:57:57 AM7/18/07
On 14 Jul, 19:47, Norman <> wrote:

There are 2 San Stephanos's in Corfu I know the one on the North West
Tip of the Island. The beach htere from is listed as Nudity
tolerated. The beach is not very good but there was no problem being
nude towards the end away from the harbour. I recommend Arillas
about a mile west round the coast; from the village past the bit of
cliff which juts out great beach 100% nude; good swimming.

Myrtiossa about 1 hour drive and hard to get to is a very pretty beach
that is mixed textile and naturist; no-one cares basically. A long
steep walk from the car park and you need transport to get there.
Left hand side mainly nude and right hand side mainly textile but you
can freely use either part with or without clothes. Nice relaxing

I always check Captain Barefoot before visitng any Greek Islands but
also rely on gut instinct when there.

Jul 18, 2007, 8:45:38 AM7/18/07
On 14 Jul, 19:47, Norman <> wrote:

There are 2 San Stephanos's in Corfu - I know the one on the Northern
Tip of the Island. (Agios Stephanos West) in Captain Barefoot's
Guide. San Stephanos itself has a not very nice beach which used to
be naturist tolerant though only at the end away from the harbour
area. Arillas however just around coast west has a long beach and if
you go away from the village north past the point where cliff juts off
that area is mainly naturist and has great swimming; best nude beach
on Corfu in my opinion.

Lake Korrison is tremendous for nude strolling if you are into that.

Myrtiossa is an unknown quantity though when I was there about 3 years
ago it was mixed textile and naturist with the naturist part (left/
south) and the trextile part (right/north) where the path meets the
beach. Having said this no-one minded naturists wandering into the
textile area for the bar or textiles encroaching on the natuirst area;
very free and easy then. It is worth seeing simply because it is a
beautiful beach and if you can be nude regard that as a bonus.

You will need a hire car or scooter to get around but do not try drive
the steep road to Myrtiossa.

Have a great holiday though most beaches on Corfu are strictly
textile, Kavos is a total dump!.


Jul 21, 2007, 1:41:31 PM7/21/07

Thanks to all for the info

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