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Jun 16, 2020, 6:30:27 AM6/16/20
I have a dash on a boat, in centre of dash is an oddment tray ... for
sunglasses etc.
This is the only free location to fit a 3'5" gauge.

The back of this tray slopes away ... so if I just drilled 3.5" hole the
gauge display would not be able to be read.

Pic of dash is here ....

My initial though is that I need to make some form of wedge mount, that
would make gauge face vertical ...
see my sketch:

Alternative options ...
Cut all the back off the oddment tray and fix a flat backplate to it
..... anyone know of a source of quality plastic (nylon ?)
Machining off the back neatly maybe not be easy (unless you know of
companies who do this sort of work)

Remove oddment tray entirely and fit a flat blanking plate (might be
easiest for fitting)
I guess I could manufacture out of ally sheet ... would need to have
some good finish applied (maybe carbon effect foil?)

Suggestions? anybody know of a place that makes prototypes / one off's

Clifford Coggin

Jun 16, 2020, 12:23:47 PM6/16/20
to rick
Bear in mind the angle may be deliberate to avoid glare and other bright

Clifford Coggin
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