Lazy Cost Effective Way to Get Carbon Hot Rodders Off the Road

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Bret Cahill

Sep 18, 2021, 8:49:09 PMSep 18
Trail cams are triggered by motion but they can easily be modified to be triggered by ICE noise at very low cost. The pyro crystal that senses heat motion can be replaced by a sound activated relay.

Dissemble the trail cam and then turn it on to determine the +3.3 v pin on the motion detector. Wave your hand to trigger a video and one of the 4 pins will put out 3.3 volts. Mark that pin. Desolder the heat/motion sensor and replace it with a sound activated relay.

A Buck converter will get the voltage down to 3.3v.

You'll get the tags of hundreds of offenders.

But who wants to look at hundreds of 10 sec clips of noisy vehicles?

Not me.

Next thing to do is get an app that can correlate engine noise. Sargent Clyde could ID the postman's engine noise a block away with 10% false negatives and false positives.

Clyde really really wanted to sink his teeth into that postman's leg.

Whatever a wired haired fox terrier can do Fourier Transforms can do better.

The guy riding around the block all day making noise will need to explain to the judge why he's so valuable to society.

Bret Cahill

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