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digital ballasts

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May 21, 2011, 7:29:47 AM5/21/11
Eclipse LED digital ballasts are more efficient, quieter, cooler, and
softer on the bulb. Digital ballasts do not have any of the usual
transformers, capacitors or igniters; instead these ballasts have
electronic circuitry to do the same job, more efficiently. What might
take a standard coil/magnetic ballast 680-700 watts to fire a standard
600 watt bulb, may only take a digital ballast only 600-620 watts to
fire the same bulb to the same brightness. The old coil type ballasts
are hard starting ballasts; when the ballast fires the bulb it sends
full power to the cold bulb. Over time, this shortens the bulb life
and reduces the PAR output of the bulb.

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