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Oct 24, 2021, 1:25:18 AMOct 24

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160m FT8 RX

Posted: 23 Oct 2021 12:49 PM PDT

Just before 1900z, I turned on my 160m FT8 RX. So far, 23 stations
spotted. Still using the outer of my 2m big-wheel and ferrite rod "ATU".
UPDATE 1950z: 76 stations spotted with the furthermost RV0AR (5548km) in
Asiatic Russia.

Radio for Grandson

Posted: 23 Oct 2021 08:33 AM PDT

On Monday, we have one of our grandsons here. Whilst he is here, he wants
to build a radio as part of his Design and Technology (DT) work. I have
plumped for a TRF circuit based around the TD7642 IC, which is like the
ZN414 of old.
Very many years ago I built two around a ZN414 for my boys. The plan is to
build it myself first to prove it all works, then disassemble it so my
grandson can build it after some soldering practise. In the past this
circuit worked fine with a ferrite rod antenna.
I am finding things far harder now: my eyes are finding close work more
problematic and my fine motor skills are poorer.
He wants to do a design brief and we can draw the schematic together. I can
explain how it works in simple terms. Hopefully he can take it home.

10m FT8 RX (Saturday)

Posted: 23 Oct 2021 11:53 AM PDT

My gear was turned on about 1010z. So far, 40 stations have been spotted,
all in Europe.
UPDATE 1104z: 127 stations spotted with the furthermost YB1BUL (11796km)
in Indonesia.
UPDATE 1848z: 215 stations spotted on 10m FT8 RX today.

160m FT8 RX yesterday

Posted: 23 Oct 2021 04:01 AM PDT

324 stations spotted on 160m FT8 RX in the last day (see map) including the
USA and Mexico. This is with just the short coax to my 2m big-wheel loaded
via a ferrite rod with a mains plug ground!
The coax is about 10m long and the big-wheel about 5m above ground. The
coax is about 50cm off the ground at its lowest. The ferrite rod "ATU" is
shown. Absolutely nothing special!
If I can do this I am sure you can too.

Magdalene College, Cambridge

Posted: 23 Oct 2021 03:50 AM PDT

This college houses the famous Pepys Library. Like all colleges in
Cambridge, it is well looked after!
It is located on Bridge Street, just north of the River Cam.

Sunspots - Saturday October 23rd 2021

Posted: 23 Oct 2021 12:28 AM PDT

Solar flux is 87 and the SSN 28. A=4 and K=0.

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