'Muhammed and Islam caricature contest in Finland'

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Michael Laudahn eOpposition

6 okt. 2007 05:48:392007-10-06


It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless
minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds.

Samuel Adams

David Moss

6 okt. 2007 09:09:132007-10-06
In article <1a4b6t....@news.alt.net>, ch80...@yahoo.com.mx

Back to bagging the Muslims Michael?
Your recent trip down nostalgia lane where you attacked Gypsies and
women wasn't exciting enough?

personal opinion only
The Australian Politics Resource

Little Johnny Howard

6 okt. 2007 10:29:482007-10-06
Michael Laudahn eOpposition wrote:
> http://www.muhammed-caricatures.blogspot.com/

Ha ha! Great stuff! Where do I submit?

Ross Henning

6 okt. 2007 10:36:252007-10-06
Right here boy. The zipper is open.

Little Johnny Howard

6 okt. 2007 10:37:292007-10-06

I'll just borrow Lorena's knife ... whoops!


7 okt. 2007 09:32:392007-10-07
Mohammed caricature and Mohammed caricatures in Finland is looking for
new talents to draw funny and evil muhammeds = The Plain Truth about
islam and muslims ;)

Prophet Mohammed caricature and Mohammed caricatures in Finland

Look at:



More information send e-mail to: vapaus...@gmail.com

Mohammed caricature and Mohammed caricatures are published in Finland:

http://mohammed-caricatures.blogspot.com/ in english so that muslims
can understand, too ;)

http://muhammed-karikatyrer.blogspot.com/ på svenska att svenska
muslimer förstår också att tyst nu alla muslimer

http://muhammed-caricatures.blogspot.com/ - Yes indeed - Finn people
can do what they want without licking muslims asses, not even Soviet
Union could not beat finnish nation even USA helped it.

Caricature artist Seppo Lehto Tampere - Finland
e-mail: vapaussoturi(at)mail.com
puh: 044-3380291

Prophet Muhammed Caricatures published in Finland Profeetta Muhammedin
Pilakuvat Suomessa julkaistu ja julkaistaan lisää kun vaan saadaan
lisää pilakuvia pedofiiliprofeetta Muhammedista Pilakuvia voitte
lähettää pilakuvakilpailuun: e-mail: pilakuvat(at)gmail.com ja
muslimeille to muslims news about this mohammed caricature contest :
in...@muslimnews.co.uk - He kiittänevät / They shall than and cry in
the corner ;)


Muhammed and Islam caricature contest in Finland is still going on -
Willkommen Sie alle Leute mit deutchen Volk!

On 6 Okt, 12:48, "Michael Laudahn eOpposition" <ch805...@yahoo.com.mx>


7 okt. 2007 15:16:442007-10-07

It doesn't take long to figure out what groups can be insulted and
what groups for which this is taboo. They made a movie called "Legally
Blonde", which of course I did not see. It's well known that you can
joke about blondes anywhere and it is accepted and you don't get
fired. If you joke about Blacks you do get fired. Blondes are fair
game because they are White and probably not Jews. Jews control the
media and the entire culture. Here is a quote from Mein Kampf:

"Thus another weapon beside that of freemasonry would have to be
secured. This was the Press. The Jew exercised all his skill and
tenacity in getting hold of it. By means of the Press he began
gradually to control public life in its entirety."

Women can only be insulted if they are blonde. It's actually White
men that the Jews really hate. In their show "Simpsons" they regularly
show all the men as stupid and all the women as smart. This is also
the Jewish show that said the French were "Cheese eating surrender
monkeys", for not going along with the Jews agenda. What if there was
a show calling Jews "money grubbing culture corrupters"? Of course
that would never be on TV. "Beavis and Butthead" are of course White

The Jews also hate Arabs. They want to steal Arab land of course.
But they also hate people who are against the homosexual perverts and
the feminists. Look at any film of the Jews country and see how many
female policemen they have. Arabs are the opposite of Jews. Maybe they
are too extreme on the opposite direction. But they have traditional
values that the USA and other liberal, Jewish controlled countries
don't have. The spokesmen for the so-called "right" in America are
Rush Limbaugh, who is probably a Jew, (He once said on his show he
and his Jewish rabbi--Rush used the words, "My rabbi"- had traveled to
Israel and met there privately with former Israeli Prime Minister
Shimon Peres.) and other Jewish neo-cons. The TV can then truthfully
declare that they are unbiased and they appear neutral and fair
between the Republicans and the Democrats, since they are both firmly
in the Jewish play pen and are not likely to wonder out.

This quote explains what is going on in the Middle East:

Der Stürmer, #23/1944, What is Americanism

"The family ties between hundreds of thousands of German families and
their American relatives led many to think that America would never
join a second war against Germany. Now that that has happened, many
Germans still believe that America will never allow Bolshevism to
conquer and destroy Germany. Recent events have proven how false and
dangerous this idea is. One has to be foolish or irredeemably stupid
to believe that anything good can come to Europe from the land of
presumed opportunity. That that did not happen after the First World
War, and will not happen after the second. The Jews have made America
what it is today: a nation raped by the Jews , a nation whose
130,000,000 people of many colors and races have been forced into
helping the Jews achieve world domination!"

http://www.ihr.org/ http://www.natvan.com

http://www.thebirdman.org http://www.nsm88.com/



7 okt. 2007 23:07:532007-10-07
Heli Michi and his favourite hate:

<> http://www.geocities.com/newworldorder_themovie/intro_neonazi.html

Lovely spam, as usual. That will earn you a nice, fat and juicy one
star rating.

> It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless
> minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds.

You must be confused, Heli Michi!
The cited text does not refer to Nazis and their political goals.


Ördög (Your scary shadow that says "Boo" in the dark)
Either the neocons go or civilisation does!

Trolling beendet. Fup wie immer!

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