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Mike Cawood, HND BIT

Jan 23, 2009, 6:32:32 AM1/23/09
"Ar" <A...@> wrote in message
> New Liebour proving once again that they are criminals. They are now
> protecting their friendly contractors so that taxpayers will foot the bill
> for the cancelling of ID cards when the Conservatives get into power. How
> many Labour ministers or their family's benefit from the clauses in the
> following article?
> No surprise IBM are going for the ID card contract, they have extensive
> knowledge on how to help authorities eliminate people they don't like,
> using their equipment and experience helped Nazi Germany.
> The Tories should not pay any money to these companies, and if they demand
> it, stop them from bidding on ANY government contract in the future.
Once the Labour scum have lost power, they should be PERSONALLY liable for
any money owing.
The Labour Party are scum and should be exterminated.
Regards Mike.

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