Cameron agreeing to repeal Identity Cards Act (was Re: Chris Grayling on scrapping the identity scheme)

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James Hammerton

Oct 25, 2009, 12:50:35 PM10/25/09
James Hammerton wrote:
> See this video:
> He does indicate that he would retain a database *for passports*. It is
> clear that this will be nowhere near as intrusive as the NIR, e.g.
> consider the bit about 50 categories of info on the NIR, vs 6 currently
> for passports.
> Note also the bit about legislating to ensure that any subsequent
> attempts to reintroduce ID cards would require starting again from
> scratch, though bear in mind he also said this: "it is also possible
> that we may not need to change the overall primary legislation to axe
> the project". I disagree. Whilst the Identity Cards Act 2006 contains
> the provisions enabling the setting up of the NIR, it can be used as
> legal cover to do so. ISTM these provisions must be repealed to ensure
> that any attempts to reintroduce the scheme have to start over from
> scratch.
> The Tories will have to be careful not to allow the passport system to
> be morphed into a de facto NIR, which is an obvious strategy the Home
> Office will follow to preserve their baby.
> James

This video shows Cameron unequivocally agreeing to repeal the Identity
Cards Act 2006 and talking about scrapping the register (as well as the


James Hammerton,

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