Anglo-US relations under a Blair Government

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Joe Frisch

Jan 17, 1997, 3:00:00 AM1/17/97

From Joe Frisch:
(1) Free market will solve all problems. i.e. it's going to be a hard
candy Xmas (& the next 100 years) for the cognitively-challenged (&
their families) on both sides of the Atlantic. More of the nice
things of life will go to the cognitive elite & their families
(who are likely to have high IQs also of course). Haul up the
ladder Jack, I'm doing v nicely.
(2) Immigrants *are* the problem. The majority of US voters have
they don't want hordes of Mexicans (for good reasons), and
Chinks/Slants/Gooks (for the sufficient reason that they will take
jobs from White people) in the US, & Uncle Newty will provide.
The few hundred Irish let in specially every year are fine.
(3) Additionally we wish to chill teenage girls who cannot support
their children (mostly black) & it looks like this is working v. well
(esp. in Va. over the last two years). Gov. Allen be praised.
(4) And we want an end put to quasi-wetback computer professionals
(5) The matter of enticing colored immigrants (& citizens) to return
where they came from may be a pipe dream in the US, but looks
somewhat more viable in the EU. Bridgette Bardot & M. Pen be praised.
(6) Two words: Gated communities.
I think this covers everything.
(This has been crossposted to because you-all
seem to have gone to sleep. Assuming one can tell).

Joe Frisch

Jan 18, 1997, 3:00:00 AM1/18/97

To David Boothroyd from Joe Frisch (Va.):
Your orig. message is unaccountably no longer avail.
& I'm too lazy to use deja-view--
However, I have examined gated communities in Norfolk, Va.
Aquia Creek, Va., Hilton Head, S. Carolina, Beverly Hills, Calif, et
They float. They cause no inconvenience to residents and friends,
and result in enormous economies (and property values) -
1 guard and a card-key system keeps out all kinds of undesirables.
I have no need to live in one because I live in the wealthiest US
County (Fairfax, Va.) which has turned down millions in US subsidized
nigger-housing for obvious reasons. In one case where low-income
housing was rehabbed (nr Mount Vernon), all the resident niggers were
out and the desirable condos rented to (white) cronies of the County
Board of (white) supervisors. In the areas of my 2 houses,
over-zealous citizen patrols harrass any suspicious individuals (i.e
dusky-looking ones). Quite right too. In Norfolk, I can pay for
2 of my kids to attend private school so they don't have to go
to the public school with the needle exchange bin out front. (And
that's just for the teachers. Ba-dum).
(..) As described in the potent book "The coming White MInority in the
US" at great length, the gated community is a powerful tool in the
systematic and sustained niggering of local 3rd-world communities -
namely, in the book, the Hispanic (mostly wetbacK) community
in that county whose main occupation is servicing the 3 luxury resort
hotels, and providing houskeeping and gardening services for the
elite. More on these techniques shortly in our site
now that we have Front Page 97, and miniSQL data base for our loyal
readers, ready to go ..... so that we no longer have to work like
niggers to maintain Quantum's estimable pubic service sites
Your interest in Gated Communities is much appreciated.
Sincerely, Joe Frisch & fiends.

Stephanie Smilay

Jan 23, 1997, 3:00:00 AM1/23/97

On Sat, 18 Jan 1997 13:32:43 GMT, (Joe Frisch)

>Your interest in Gated Communities is much appreciated.
>Sincerely, Joe Frisch & fiends.


Ya gotta love it.


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