Lock down?

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Ron Roach

Feb 27, 2021, 8:44:12 AMFeb 27
This is not a lock down, this is shelter in place. Will you people do me a favor? Don’t use the term “Lock down” anymore. It is a right wing buzz word that it is misleading. They are just mouth pieces for the 1% who have no compassion at all. They accuse the so called left of being hysterical or emotional but when comes to the money or the economy they go ape shit. Money is their God. If a worker dies on the assembly line, 5 minutes later they are replaced by another worker. If the masses play it right, then this pandemic could be over in months.
The reason the Republicans are after governor Cuomo by using Democratic stooges is because he blasphemed against their Golden God Donald Trump by telling the truth. Somebody likes Cuomo! He is on his 3rd term. You justice Democrats and progressive are like Jimmy Dore. You are helping right wing creeps.
This is my latest protest song. Hope you like it.

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