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Craig Cockburn

Dec 5, 1999, 3:00:00 AM12/5/99
Reasons why I won't use Kwik Fit insurance again, part 1.

To: Kwik Fit insurance (dated 27 Nov 99)
cc: Watchdog, Which.

I sold a car today which was insured by yourselves. Upon phoning to
cancel the insurance, I was told that there would be a 50 pound charge
for cancelling the policy.

I object most strongly to this outrageous charge for cancelling a policy
which I have had running for over 14 months. Charging 50 pounds for
selling a car seems to amount to little more than a sales tax for Kwik
Fit's benefit. As one of your earliest customers, I don't
think this is much of a way to achieve "100% customer delight".

The relevant clause which was quoted me is para 5 on P9 of the motor
policy booklet wherein it states:

"Kwik-Fit insurance services limited reserve the right to charge a fee
for processing any adjustments to your policy during the period of

At no time does this document actually state what the fee will be, nor
when exactly it will be charged. I have had car insurance for 13 years
and have never been charged a FINE on anything like this scale for
amending a policy.

I object that you do not mention the actual charges nor when they will
be levied and I also object that 50 pounds is an outrageous amount which
corresponds to about 5 1/2 hours work on a typical call centre
employee's salary. Somehow I don't think that it takes 3/4 of a day to
cancel an insurance policy.

Since I've never seen or agree to anything actually mentioning a 50
pounds charge I think you're on pretty shaky ground trying to get away
with this "sales tax". After all, with the wording in use, the charge
could have been 5 pounds or 50,000 pounds. How is the consumer protected

I will likely send a copy of this correspondence to various car forums
on the Internet including as well as the Consumers'
Association and the Insurance Ombudsman unless to agree to waive this
charge and agree to be more open and clearer about your charges in

(Since sending the above, I have found out that a colleague at work was
fined 25 pounds by Kwik Fit for moving house. His insurance risk
remained the same but they wanted 25 pounds to reprint the documents
with the new address on. He won't be using Kwik Fit in future either)

Summary: 0% customer delight

Reasons why I won't use Kwik Fit insurance again, part 2.
Sent 26 November 99

I would like to make it VERY CLEAR INDEED that I do not want to receive
unsolicited sales calls from you regarding your breakdown cover or any
other of your products and services. I am intelligent enough to know
what I want and request it when I need it without being continually
disturbed and irritated by sales calls I don't want.

My wife just came out of hospital yesterday and when the phone goes and
I'm caring for her I don't want to have to stop what I'm doing to take
another pesky sales call from you (this happened 10 minutes ago). I've
already asked you at least twice to STOP this and so I am now putting it
in writing as you seem to have ignored my previous requests.

You really took the biscuit in August when a family relative had died
and I called from the hospital 10 minutes later to arrange emergency
insurance to drive someone home because they were too upset to do it
themselves. However, Mr Kwik-Fit Salesman on commission decided this
would be a good time to sell me more products and services too. NO

NO means NO. It doesn't mean YES.

I hope I have made my point clear.

Read if you want to learn real marketing.

Summary: 0% customer delight

Reasons why I won't use Kwik Fit insurance again, part 3.

They charge nearly 40% APR for the privilege of paying monthly by direct
debit. This rate is obscene and is well in excess of even the rip off
rates charged by credit cards and is nearly 8 times the base rate! Other
companies such as CGU direct charge 0% APR and are cheaper to start with
anyway. I have already switched over.

Craig Cockburn ("coburn").
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