TX 800 Linear Chronograph

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May 7, 2011, 2:48:18 AM5/7/11
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TX has loosened a fashionable line of watches: the 800 catena Linear Chronograph. It namely a watch namely carries the chart ethic of the popular TX 730 which we reviewed final annual, merely incorporates a 30 minute linear chronograph enrol and the competence to pathway the time in a second time district. It’s a stylishly understated see with a considerable sum of wrist presence and a entirely serviceable trait list:

* 44mm stainless steel circumstance, or 47mm titanium carbide circumstance.
* Chronograph resolution of 1/5th of a second measuring no more than 4 hours.
* Linear hand measures 30 minutes.
* Second time zone.
* German designed, eastern built 6 hand campaign.
* Sapphire crystal.
* Water resistant apt 10 ATM alternatively 100M.
* Available with leather, rubber, or stainless steel bracelet (44mm editions only).


The characteristic model profiled in this review is the T3C313 with a 47mm PVD titanium case, the pearly dial, and a rubber strap. The 800 series is definitely a nick on the TX 730 whose feature catalogue was so long that it couldn’t readily show always the information on the dial. The case on the TX 800 is solid titanium, with either polished and matte achieve on the lugs and side, and a unidirectional matte bezel that is pleasantly stealth. The sapphire crystal is smooth, flush with the bezel, and doesn’t emerge to have an AR wrapping. The dial is a brilliant pearl pearly with etched rings where the markers are inlaid. It’s a little busy, but the linear register keeps it from agreeable cluttered and hard to read.

The linear register is actually the phoning card of the 800 series: it measures 30 minutes above the chronograph with a rising hand between 7 and 11 above the turntable. This makes the chronograph cozy to read — a welcome innovation since some chronographs are defect in … readable at a peep. When the amount exceeds 30 minutes, the 4-hour register becomes spirited and begins addition. The two registers incorporate for a simple way of fast checking the elapsed time of the chronograph. When the chronograph is no in use, the 4 hour register measures the hour of a second timezone. Having a GMT complication is a magnificent appending to anybody watch if it is accustom for for traveling Replica Omega Watches, or organizing long distance session calls. The 800 seems to have base a balance between design and functionality; it’s a chronograph that I actually want to use, and can do so with ease.


My review model came with the the rubber cane and signed PVD buckle. While this adoption may not be the trendiest, it is probable the most snug and stealthy way to wear this watch. The rubber strap is slightly molded and holds a shape that combines well with the short lugs to reserve the watch comfortable on your
wrist. Wearing this watch is a pleasure; it fits really well, and the titanium is so light that the colossal 47mm case does not become burdensome. The belt too incorporates a couple small notches near the buckle to clutch the premier keeper firmly in place (penetrate pics).

The watch comes in a cool TX branded carton that curves and slides open to reveal the compartment for the watch inside. I would have liked to see the inclusion of atomic timekeeping and solar power as numerous of the 800’s opponents (Oceanus, Citizen)
have an or more of these features, and solar power seems favor one apparent alternative. Even so, this watch has a great handle going for it. The TX 800 is cheaper then much of its tournament, and has comparative build quality to many of the watches it will share boutique shelf space with.


But I haven’t even gotten to my favorite entity about this watch already. For me, the real selling point of the TX 800 is its "anti-bling" styling. Just like the TX 730, these watches do not strive to be Rolexes or Cartiers. Instead, they build their own form of luxury: useful features, good tech, great quality. The finish on the 800 is great, but it is far from a meretricious "look at me!" watch. The black PVD, extremely stylized dial, and the stealthy rubber strap make this a great option for an everyday watch for the regular lad. It has features that nearly anybody can detect useful, but brings them to you in a pack that is understated and quite cool.

TX comes from wildly successful roots in watchmaking by Timex, and it is clear that TX understands that watches can be more then jewelry, and that the most purchasers are searching as manner and function over a status symbol. The TX 800 can be thought competitively priced by approximately $750.

By James Stacey

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