Replica Rank Distinction

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Apr 16, 2011, 11:41:29 AM4/16/11
Replica Rank Distinction

Replca AAA,Replica Top Quality handbags,Purses

1.Product rank bright

The rank classification popular name, is called
A the A level, the A goods.
AA A+, A Canada.
AAA ultra A,3A.
AAA+ especially 3A, ultra 3A.
Top-grade top ultra A, one to one.

2.Rank summary description
There are quite many customers asking what the differences and
characteristics of different rank are in their inquiry time, believed the
majority people. However, all to these rank all fog water, do not make the
condition clear. We describe greatly detailed explaination in the market the
copy version handbag rank survey. In order to make you understand the
Distinction of the so-called rank, is compares in the contrast classifies
afterwards, after a manufacturer produces one kind of highest progression
the product, behind has other factories with a production progression higher
product.A level following goods: Only elephant real thing part, probably
only then LOGO, even possible to look for a wallet or the handbag casually,
covers the LV trademark, as for LV whether has produced this kind of funds
is that is unimportant, the key point had India ' LV'JIU to be good, was
mostly the stall rank, understood at a glance is the goods which imitated,
the price is also very cheap. Compares and appraises by the A level, in the
market condition appears the rank, knows at present has 6 ranks:

A: Actually contrasts the B level, compared to B level sense of reality
good, the cerebral cortex and the sewing thread lathe worker manufacture,
packing also compared to B goods slightly good, manufactures by the cowhide
two skins, therefore does not look like the real thing to be able to turn
the dense sacrificial color along with the period of revolution.

AA: Is the cowhide level institute does, can turn the dense sacrificial
color, but the quality is similar with the A goods, epidermis sense of
reality, metal material quality, very ordinary, with traces may feel leaves
the difference, compared with rough.

AAA (ultra A): Ultra A is manufactured from the cowhide level institute,
this rank is on, the manufacture process fine have been also many, because
the price is reasonable, the product quality also crosses going to, is the
comparison is loved the most populace.

AAA+ : Is manufactures by the cowhide level institute, is the superior
merchandise, the manufacture is fine, the material also is manufactures like
the hardware with the superior material, the zipper, the cerebral cortex.

Top-grade,One to one: Is manufactured from the import high-quality cowhide,
a natural product measures several, because the manufacture process all is
sews by the manual smallest bits of property becomes, manual fine, sense of
reality first-class, because a natural product quantity not many also all is
becomes by the superior material manufacture, therefore the price stays at a
high level, deeply loves LV the friend, this section pocket is you is worth
the collection.


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Dec 4, 2013, 6:55:22 PM12/4/13
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