Wimsey - a word to the wise

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Nick Odell

Sep 19, 2021, 5:37:14 AM9/19/21
Caution. Anybody who, like me, generally drifts off to sleep leaving
the radio on and who might be thinking of doing the same to the
background of Radio 4x, would be advised to check the schedules

Wimsey, Clouds of Witness, Episode 6
has a scene about half way through in which Wimsey gets trapped in a
bog. So, having drifted off to sleep with the quiet burblings of
Matthew Parris celebrating another Great Life followed by the gentle,
cultivated murmurings of Ian Carmichael, suddenly his Wimsey character
is repeatedly yelling "Help!" at the top of his voice.

I woke suddenly. The cries of "Help!" surrounded me but who could be
in trouble at this hour? I switched on the bedside light and looked
around my room and only then did I realise that the voice was coming
from the radio. Of course by that time I was wide awake and pumped
full of adrenaline so I didn't get back to sleep again for ages.

Be warned!

This has been a public service announcement!

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