Tom Sutcliffe, Front Row, Thursday 13th Jan

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Nick Odell

Jan 13, 2022, 5:07:58 PMJan 13
I'm just curious to know whether anybody else heard Tom Sutcliffe lose
his place in the script while he was presenting Front Row tonight? And
if so, what was your immediate reaction?

I don't know if he dropped his papers or if something else happened
but he said WTTEO "And now....." followed by a pause then some
muttering and I think a "sorry about that..." and another pause. But
eventually he got it all together again and carried on.

This all sounded so much like another famously viral incident which
occurred last year when the Prime Minister lost the plot whilst
addressing a meeting of business people that my immediate thought
about Tom Sutcliffe was....

...I wonder if he's now going to tell a story about Peppa Pig?

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