NBA 2K and why sega is hush hush about it

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Mar 16, 2000, 3:00:00 AM3/16/00
Just to say that NBA 2K is out and that it is the best sports game I have
played .

If you have seen this game running you would know that it is one of the most
realistic sports games ever and shows off the capabilities of my DC ,

Sorry im doing the advert for this truely great game as it seems Sega does
not know what advertising is , one of the best sports tittles to launch for
the DC and I have not even seen one advert for NBA 2k , talk about a very
dumb company, any one who works for Sega UK explain to me why there is no
advertising for such great games like NBA 2K

Sega got a years head start on Sony so they better make use of it

Dreamcast is one of the most underrated consoles and deserves all the
success it can get

PS Official Dreamcast magazine UK is crap why cant they get good playable
demos or is it Sega's fault for not supplying the goods


In2home User

Mar 21, 2000, 3:00:00 AM3/21/00
It's true, folks: you really have to give NBA 2K a try-out. Your DC will
reward you with one of best-looking, best-playing games you've ever played.

You can find out how to play Basketball the NBA way at

Hope this helps!

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