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Nov 3, 1995, 3:00:00 AM11/3/95

Newsgroup Name:

Proposed by: Andy Mabbett (

Summary: - For teleworkers, employers of teleworkers and other
interested parties

This RFD will be cross-posted to the following relevant newsgroups:
uk.telecom,, uk.consultants,,

Interested parties are encouraged to discuss this proposal in
(see procedure below).

Telework is a growth area and will expand even more rapidly as the internet,
video conferencing and other technologies become more widespread. The very fact
that the Internet facilitates telework makes the existence of this newsgroup
important. The existence of a UK Telecottage Association, with a large and
growing on- line membership, further supports this hypothesis.

The newsgroup would not be moderated.

By placing the newsgroup in the business hierarchy, it is hoped that the
emphasis will be on work- related issues, not technical matters, although these
will inevitably be discussed.

Teleworkers can be employed or freelance, work from home or in "the field" and
may or may not spend part of their time in a regular office. This newsgroup
would aim to cater for the needs of all types of teleworker.

Issues could include employment conditions, problems of working away from an
office, insurance matters, telecottages and other such facilities as well as
encouraging social interaction between those isolated by working from home.

"Other interested parties" could include trainers, service/ equipment providers,
telecottages, cybercafes, etc. and others.

Lengthy and/ or off- topic posts will not be welcome. Short (i.e. 10 lines max.)
announcements of RELEVANT products, services, events and work wanted/ offered,
inviting e-mail inquires or suggesting URLs for further information, will be
allowed. If traffic is heavy enough,[adverts/work offered/
work sought] could be created at some future date.


Discussion will take place in and will continue
initially for 14 days, and thereafter as required until consensus is
reached, or at least the important issues have been identified. It should
be concerned with finding the final form of the Name, Charter, and other
items listed above. Additional RFDs may be issued if substantive changes
arise during the discussion.

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