PVC Tile Panels - just say no!

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The Medway Handyman

Feb 6, 2008, 5:41:50 PM2/6/08
Had a job early this week to completely replace a corner shower. Remove old
tiles & replace, fit new enclosure.

Pressure was to return the shower to use as quickly as possible, so instead
of tiles I decided to use PVC panels in tile effect.


In theory a good idea. 820mm x 1900mm solid panels, stuck to walls with a
corner bead. Simple, quick, easy - not.

First problem, the panels are incredibly fragile, prone to splitting on the
moulded grout line. I was double careful in transporting them, but one
still split - luckily just where it was going to be cut anyway. Fluke.

Second problem was getting the edge of the panels into the corner trim -
bloody nightmare, such a tight fit. Took me hours & hours to get them to
fit in, inch by inch using a slim knife blade.. The panels were covered
with a protective film which peeled off 'tile by tile' which also took ages.

I reckon it actually took longer than tiling & grouting the walls - and was
much more expensive.

Customer was delighted with the job, the panels do look very good.

I will never, ever use the bloody things again though!

Dave - The Medway Handyman
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Feb 6, 2008, 9:36:41 PM2/6/08

We've had a similar problem, but with a cubicle & tray. In theory there was
50mm to play with...in reality not a 'snowball in hell's chance'! No matter
how we jiggled with it (the cubicle that is), it was having non of it. In
the end, we had to opt for an 850cm enclosure instead of the 900cm supplied.
The suppliers response?....."Oh, you must have had a 'rogue'
tray.....sometimes they shrink more than expected during firing".

Bloody hell, what are Quality Control paid to do?



Feb 7, 2008, 12:32:14 PM2/7/08
The Medway Handyman wrote:

Customer will curse you when the surface print wears off, and the
rough finish due to cleaning it means its a nightmare to get even half
clean. Just say no indeed.


Stuart Noble

Feb 8, 2008, 5:05:55 AM2/8/08

I used some polystyrene backed 300mm tile panels on a project where
condensation was an issue. They were dead easy to use, but a little

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