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Acheson Intelligence Group

Dec 19, 2002, 4:35:18 AM12/19/02
There is a "high probability" that international terrorists are going to launch an
attack in Britain. Attacks will probably target public transport. Determined
al-Qaeda terrorists are operating in the UK.

But no information or equipment has been offered to those at risk by the

The Acheson Intelligence Group says that Underground trains, Underground stations
and major mainline stations are most at threat from attacks using explosives, gas,
radiation, or germs.

The government is set to offer vaccination against smallpox to key health and
military staff. You should demand choice over vaccination for you and your family.

The AIG has therefore issued vital lifesaving advice to London Underground
stations and businesses around them.

The greatest risk are at London stations including Liverpool Street, Bank, Kings
Cross & Oxford Circus.

Plans to kill people in Middle-Eastern oil countries are highly likely to lead to
revenge attacks against people in Britain.

Below is the text from the Acheson Intelligence Group's terrorism advice sheet,
which has been provided to many of those who will be at the front line in any
attacks. You can help by giving this information to people who live or work in
city centres.

If you would like a neatly formatted copy of this in MS Word or PDF (Adobe
Acrobat) format - or if you have any queries - please the AIG terrorism team at
this email address:




Signs & Dangers: could be delivered via liquid, aerosol or vapour, probably in a
confined space such as a train or station. Almost immediately those nearest may
suffer severe headache, coughing & difficulty with breathing. Sweating, blurred
vision, nausea & vomiting are common. Unconsciousness & death may follow quickly.

Tips: protect your mouth & nose immediately. At the very least you should use a
DIY/safety mask, or fabric such as clothing. Ideally you should use a proper
respirator/mask fitted with vapour filters (see "EQUIPMENT" below). Get up high -
e.g. stand on a seat - and tell others to do the same. (Most nerve agents will be
thicker below & thinner above because they are heavier than air). Wash skin ASAP -
e.g. with drinks.


Signs & Dangers: any explosion, even a small one, could be a dirty bomb. Dirty
bombs use explosives to fill the air with radioactive dust.

Tips: After any explosion, assume that the air is dirty. Put your respirator/mask
on ASAP (see "EQUIPMENT" below). Or at least cover your mouth & nose with
clothing. Inhaling only a few invisible particles can lead to illness & death.
Wash skin ASAP - e.g. with drinks.


Signs & Dangers: bio weapons are the cheapest & most available WMD. They can kill
more people than any nuclear bomb because they can spread from person to person.
Bacteria or viruses could be delivered using aerosols (sprays) or by the
respiratory droplets of an infected suicide terrorist. SMALLPOX, EBOLA & ANTHRAX
are the germs most likely to be used. A bioterror attack will rely on stealth.
There will be no explosion. The first victims & their doctors will suspect 'flu'.
Most weaponised infections begin with sudden severe fever & other flu-like
symptoms. Prevention is better than cure.

SMALLPOX: virus characterised by pea-sized pustules appearing after 2-3 days of
illness; first on the face, hands & feet; then everywhere. Hard to kill, the virus
can survive for long periods outside the body. Around 1 in 3 infected people die.
Vaccination can be given before symptoms start but it may not work. The disease
can be very infectious and may be particularly so in crowded city trains.

ANTHRAX: bacteria characterised by severe difficulty with breathing. May be
mistaken for pneumonia. Spread using its tiny spores, anthrax is often fatal but
rarely spreads from person to person. Anthrax can be treated using antibiotics if
caught early.

EBOLA: virus characterised by confusion, exhaustion, & sometimes bleeding (often
from the nose), flushed, bruised or yellow skin. Ebola is extremely infectious.
Most victims die within days of the onset of symptoms. There is no vaccine or

Tips: you are unlikely to be among the first victims of a bioterror attack. Once
an outbreak is recognised you should: Try to avoid close contact with possible
victims. Prevent inhalation using a PFR (see "EQUIPMENT" below) or HEPA filter.
At least use a DIY/safety mask, or fabric such as clothing to cover your mouth &
nose when near people. Viral outbreak: Cover your eyes with a visor or goggles.
Ideally wear rubber gloves, boots, waterproof clothing & hood. Use strict washing
& hygiene. Start taking Vitamin C & Zinc NOW (Ask your doctor first). Bioterror
victims should be kept hydrated using water & "electrolyte" (available from

EQUIPMENT (equip yourself before the attacks)

PFR masks: product code UN46727 from 3S Healthcare - 020 8920 6206. (Seal to face
with surgical tape - from pharmacy).

RESPIRATOR (MASK) WITH VAPOUR FILTERS: available from many DIY shops, such as
Vitrex respirator from Buck & Ryan, 101 Tottenham Court Road. Take your mask
everywhere. Practice getting it out & putting it on quickly, sometimes with your
eyes closed. When it is on, exhale sharply & fully. Mask yourself first. You
cannot help others if you are a victim.


Look out for suspicious packages & vehicles, people acting suspiciously or people
with symptoms of severe/suspicious illness. Report these by calling 999. If you
suspect a deliberate infection, call 999. Isolate & hydrate the patient.



Dec 20, 2002, 6:36:04 AM12/20/02

Very interesting, extremely unlikely, and an apparent plug.

"International Terrorists" have generally tended to concentrate on
conventional weapons such as bombs and bullets, and they will continue to do
so- it's easier to claim responsibility.

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