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HHI the imaginary friend

Nov 23, 2021, 8:28:04 AM11/23/21
What it looks like can be skinned and not tied to its functionality, especially
if it's FOSS. Can you get less dishonest?

Theo's unbelievable "technical support proficiency" made it so he could
not find an add-on he insists does not exists that everyone else is already
using with this software. The only thing broken here is Theo.

Theo doesn't have any concept of what he is sniveling about. Theo is an
idiot - advocates have kill filtered his flooding. What he really wants is
a bot that keeps switching names, then flood posts have a shot at being nearly
as annoying as he is. For others I would suggest it is suspicious. Given
that it's Theo I would ignore that doubt and go straight to 'lie' because
that's most of what Theo does. Meaning no evidence is required to deem it
dishonest. No one who isn't just using you for trolling ends (isn't a sock/shill)
sees you as anything remotely close to good. You have few but yourself to
blame for that.

Do not click this link!
Steve Carroll the Narcissistic Bigot
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