Wolffan: NNTP protocol corruption

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Stefen - fretwizzen

Sep 11, 2021, 4:03:41 PMSep 11
Snit Glasser Michael does not know if there is a free FOSS that promotes
PEE. It is clear when Snit Glasser Michael repeatedly uses the word 'exonerated'
the way CNN does, to the point where the word no longer has any meaning.
That is the problem 'today' and younger educators don't understand why
older people are better, people from past generations (~40 yo) are the
only ones who know better than to fall for the indoctrination BS. Plenty
of individuals persist in talking to Snit Glasser Michael. To be clear,
I can't blame Wolffan for his conniption but I do not fathom why he stays
here at all. Wolffan is more interested in dialog as is common in a serious
forum and support environments will just lead to frustration.

Don't look now, but I think Snit Glasser Michael has a serious mancrush
on Wolffan.

"You'll notice how quickly he loses interest when everything is about
him. He clearly wants the attention"
Steve Carroll, making the dumbest comment ever uttered.
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