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Diesel Kook

Nov 28, 2021, 8:42:57 PM11/28/21
For the record, taking time educating yourself is never a waste. Asserting
you know everything and working to 'prove' others that it's true, as Ronb
tries to do? *That* is a waste ;) Now Snit on the other end of the shit
doesn't matter. All that matters is Ronb gets to deliver his flood. So
how to respond? Don't reply to the post. Honest discussion isn't part of
trick and never can be. It's the same pattern that happens in every group
Ronb infects. So Ronb changed his story to "mentioning" him. Socks that
Ronb can not prove are Snit's. Why would I, or anyone, want socks to expose
what we all regularly say about Ronb? Do not get too egotistical, Ronb,
sometimes "your socks" are just that.

LOL! Come on, man... even you have filtered that lummox. Given what he
is no one would condemn you for pushing to be rid of his preposterous form
of trolling.

Do not click this link!!
Narcissistic Bigot Steve Carroll

Stephen - frelwizer

Nov 29, 2021, 4:59:57 AM11/29/21

Dustin Cook aka Diesel Brags In UNIX Group About Sucker Punching Others
With Viruses

Dustin Cook aka Diesel aka Raid aka Gremlin aka Casio aka Char Jackson

He and his kind are no different than the ghetto garbage who sucker punch
the unexpectant on the streets of America.

He cobbled together shit BASIC crap code which is even laughed at by other
virus writing/passing vermin.

Every time his crap code slid under the radar of the AV companies, he
claimed credit for being an outstanding genius coder. What really was responsible
for some of his crap to ruin the computers of others was the sheer amount
of viruses in the wild. No AV program could possibly cover them all. It
was a mathematical certainty that some viruses would be unaccounted for
in AV programs. But incompetent RL LUSERS like Dustin Cook grab any crumb
of undeserved "achievement" that happens to come their way.

Notice how to this day he brags about his viruses? Do you really think
someone this HATEFUL and SPITEFUL of the success of others truly stopped
writing/passing viruses because he "changed"?


Dustin The Turd of Usenet Cook asked: "If you think I have no skills,
post with your real name. :) "

How f'kn much "SKILL" does it take to go to the Intelius or some other
such site and use your credit card and let them do your so- called hacking
for you?

Incredible, isn't it? Just THINK of it. This Queen of Assholes, Dusti-
Boi Cook, ACTUALLY ASKED a would-be victim for his name!




Dustin Cook aka Gremlin aka Diesel-Dum Threatens Man With A Bullet ToThe

This shows that beyond any doubt he is a psychopath.

The only reason he has not killed yet is because he is a coward.

DuckFart farts another DEADLY THREAT: "Where I'm from John, you'd already
be dead. One bullet, right in the back of your head, execution style. No
witnesses. Happens all the time in NY. You don't run your mouth here or
anywhere else and not expect payback. I wasn't raised to take **** and
not give it back. Don't start no ****, and there wont be no **** is my
motto. KM started it, and now I do intend to finish it. I don't care what
harm it causes him IRL. The more the merrier."

He tries getting a man fired from his job by complaining to his employer
because the guy had the balls to disagree with The MIGHY DUSTY, SUPER TURD

When a friend tries defending the man Duck**** is trying to destroy, Duck****

https://groups.google.com/forum/?hl=...g/-WDTbGuUzisJ or https://tinyurl.com/qjvmuec

My Snoring Solution
Dustin Cook the functional illiterate fraud
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