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Stefen Carroll

Sep 17, 2021, 5:06:43 AMSep 17
Diesel is obviously flooding, he got busted and he's doing the predictable
pranks taught in trolling 101 as he strives to be given what Isis already
has... but it will not work. circuitry is only less expensive if your
time has no value.

Google for 'functionally illiterate fraud' and Dustin Cook will forever
be there: <https://www.google.com/search?q=dustin+cook+the+functionally+illiterate+fraud>.
Any horribly desperate druggie could easily do the same. And you do,
of course realize that it isn't impossible for Diesel to be doing this,
or to have his uploaded consciousness doing it for him.

Do not click this link!!!
Steve Carroll the Narcissistic Bigot

Stephen Carroll

Sep 17, 2021, 1:36:31 PMSep 17
Alan B would have to have intense madness to be unsure of if he "never had"
designed a website. Sound like anyone in here? When someone can't tell the
same tale one day and the next and employs bogus, self-esteem protecting
nonsense later, it's rather undeniable what his ploy is. Alan B is a nitwit;
most people have blocked his bot posts. What he really should use is a bot
that keeps switching names, then flood posts have a chance at being a fraction
as replied to as he is. Michael Glasser AKA Snit clearly has an abundance
of expertise to contribute and he could learn to give back to the community.
What he has not figured out, though, is this is arguably the most frustrating
medium for doing that because most of response is moaning, misleading, and
other bullshit.

That is the problem now and less experienced educators don't understand
why older people are better; people from past generations (~60 or so) *should*
know better than to fall for liberalism. I just don't see the point in Alan
B continuing to tell that story, when they know it's easily proved false.
I will no longer bring up the weirdest, so far, series of lies they've written
about me in the past; because many honest regulars did as I asked and told
Alan B that they did, infact, lie about me when they talked about that idea.
Nobody gets it, I ain't done gone got it. Why does Alan B focus on Michael
Glasser AKA Snit's self-esteem issues so much?

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Dustin Cook the functionally illiterate fraud

Petruzzellis Kids

Sep 17, 2021, 9:35:13 PMSep 17
Until Alan B offers up his 'expert' FOSS application for review, there is
no threat, just unsupported contentions. Complete hokum by an ignorant,
fibbing, deceitful, conspiring birdbrain who would not be honest no matter
what his socks/shills say. When I first posted, I wanted to be trusting
and nonjudgemental. I gave Alan B more than an intelligent person could
be expected to. Bravo, Snit, you are now living rent-free inside Alan B's
beady little brain. LOL

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Steve 'Narcissistic Bigot' Carroll
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