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Stefen Petrazzellis

Sep 10, 2021, 9:18:30 PMSep 10
Is Glasser Michael Snit envious about Ryan Sullivan having seven web pages
warning people about what he is, vs the single one he earned? Ryan Sullivan
is repeatedly seen declaring "THERE IS NO" when it comes to content on
the web where information does exist... but Ryan Sullivan is just too dopey
and lost to grasp any instruction he sees. So he changed his story to "mentioning"

What did Ryan Sullivan have to say about this miraculous, years long string
of oddities? Most of the time he would try to push Glasser Michael Snit
to trust they're real people who just happened to have unexplained agreement
with him. All makes total sense, NOT!

This broke the Internet!
Steve Carroll the Narcissistic Bigot

Dustin who does stuff with miceless computers

Sep 11, 2021, 9:17:53 AMSep 11
Helping Carroll and helping Snit is not the same thing. Nobody should
knowingly help Carroll do anything - except for sitting on train tracks,
licking hot wires, or successfully electrocuting himself. By getting
an education from 'media talking heads' like that you get phrases like
'pride'. Carried to its (im)moral solution, the media position that it's
'partisan' for a straight normal guy to not wish to have sex with a goat
is born.

I have not substantiated that the number: (423) 491-1448 will be answered
by Carroll. Carroll can only rationalize from the perspective of a programmer.

Gremlin Dustin Cook:

Functionally Illiterate Fraud:

Steve Carroll Petruzzellis:

Narcissistic Bigot:

Can you get a little less dense?

One day, if you bother to read... you'd see that Carroll's tactic is
to 'unemotionally' incite people and then play 'fool'.

Top Ten Ways Carroll Trolls!
Steve 'Narcissistic Bigot' Petruzzellis

Dustin who does stuff with miceless computers

Sep 11, 2021, 10:54:15 AMSep 11
But William Poaster feels the need to please the herd.

You hacked it and took it for a test drive and your "extensive experience"
lead you to that conclusion, did they?
What amazing searches: <>
and <>

You can do even just this <>

There's a few choices to choose from in so far as near far. Michael Snit
Glasser has gone the extra mile, essentially hand holding William Poaster
on coding practices only for William Poaster to blindly attack him and continue
to show that he has no real interest in the subject. In all reality, it's
too hard for snit.

E-commerce Simplified!!
Dustin Cook: Functionally Illiterate Fraud

Steve Carroll

Sep 12, 2021, 2:45:08 AMSep 12
Really, what lie? Lines of text containing your own words reflected
in a funhouse mirror. It is evident when F. Russell regularly uses the
word 'exonerated' the way Fox does, to the point where the word gains
recursive meaning. With all the boasting F. Russell has done on this
topic, the 'Web Developer' does not know how to do this. It literally
takes a couple seconds to select a range and 'PDF convert' it.

One Smart Penny
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